Prophecy from David Campbell

David Campbell 2/26/17

I believe the Lord is saying this to you- “This is the season that He’s brought you and prepared you for. This is not a new time for you, but it is the old time which has come to life. I’m not asking you to throw away the old, I’m asking you to bring out the old again, look at it again in a new way. For this is not a new revelation but a new understanding of that which I have placed within your heart. I have placed in your spirit things which,” the Lord says, “I have stirred within you. For I’m not asking you to dispense of the old, but to dispense the old. I am asking you to bring it out and to give it to others, for the life I have placed within you is the life which will change that culture around you. For My hand has not been shortened by the events that have happened in the land, but rather My hand has been extended now that I might reach out through you to the generation which you serve.”

“This is the day,” says the Lord, “where I will change before your very eyes things that you thought were unchangeable. I will recover the things that you thought were lost forever. I will cause again for My church to stand in purity and honesty and in power. For these are the days where My power will be seen amongst My people. For these are the days where you will behold the glory of the Lord, even through you for you have decided you are the least worthy of all My servants.”  And says the Lord, “I will take you up and I will use you for I have no unworthy servants. For I have made you to be worthy in the very likeness and image of My own Son. I have changed you from those who had no destiny and no worth to be those who are destined to be with Me. And I’ve given you the worth of My Son that you will always stand up full of integrity, full of love and from you will overflow the love that will change the culture and the land which I have called you to.” Amen.

Prophecy from Dick Joyce

Dick Joyce 5/1/16

I speak fullness of the blessing of the Lord on this house. I speak the word that marriages that are on the point of disintegration would be healed in the name of Jesus. Marriages that are already strong and solid would be even more solidified and unified. I speak the homes of this congregation would become embassies of the kingdom of God. I speak that as embassies in the natural, natural national embassies have the right to issue visas so that people can go to their country. God, these people are going to be able to issue visas to enter the kingdom of God. I speak that the embassies of the Kingdom of God through this congregation will be all around this region. 

I speak in the name of Jesus that the unemployment rate of this church will be zero. Anybody that wants to work will work. I speak the doors will open. I speak favor. Those that are already working, their bosses, their employer (if they aren’t employers themselves), their employers, their supervisors will look and say “Wow, I am blessed to have him. I’m blessed to have her as part of my staff.”

And I speak that there will be raises and promotions and that there will be generosity as we spoke in the confession this morning, there will be a spirit of generosity upon these people to expand the kingdom of God. 

I speak the word, the blessing of the Lord, this house will be a house of deliverance. This house will be a house of salvation. And I want to speak over this house a harvest of souls. Not just burned over people from other churches coming to this place. Not just burned out Christians who are discouraged with their own churches, but Lord, raw recruits. We speak the word of raw recruits. And my God let the harvest be great. Let the harvest be great. So great that this auditorium would be inadequate in order to house what You’re going to be doing in this place.

Father, bring the wounded. 

Pastor, as David was rejected by the authorities that be but went to the Cave of Adullum, he went to that cave and the debtors, the distressed and the discontent came to him and he formed a great army around them. So God is going to begin to bring unsaved people to this place that are in debt...not only in debt financially, just emotionally indebted...that are distressed, disheartened, discouraged and there will be a wisdom upon this pastor and a wisdom upon this house to put people back together again. 

This is a really weird word...I’ve had it a few times...great prophesy...Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again. But Jesus could. I see broken people like scrambled eggs coming to this place. God’s going to give this house the ability to put lives back together. The Rolls Royce crowd isn’t going to pull on to this parking lot. I mean, a few of them might but not in great numbers. The people that God is going to call to this place are people that are in bondage and addictions, slaves but this house will put people back together again.


Prophecy from David Wagner

David Wagner 1/6/13

God is up to something amazing and He’s up to something amazing in you and in me. And I believe that the Lord is establishing something. One of the words the Lord gave me as we were going out of 2012, actually right around midnight crossing over from 2012 to 2013, was this word “Those that went limping out of 2012 are about to leap with joy as they’re launched into manifested miracles and destiny in 2013.

And I believe there are some of you in this room that God is about to heal your hope deferred. That there are some of you in this place that you know how to put the happy Grace Center Sunday morning face on even in the midst of adversity, even in the midst of everything that looks opposite of what God has promised. But I’m here to tell you that this is a season and a time and a year that God is rapidly turning things around. So actually the things that were opposing you and opposition to you and seemed like it was trying to hold you back is the very thing that God’s going to spin around the direction and take it to your back and thrust you forward. This is not a season to get distracted when God is breaking you through. Many times we get distracted in the circumstance, in the situation and the surroundings and we forget to realize that God’s on the throne...The Lord said “I’m not still on the throne, I’m on the throne. It’s never been in jeopardy, it’s never been in question, it’s never been in doubt. I’m on the throne. And it really doesn’t matter who’s in the White House or the State House or in the Capitol building, as long as Jesus is on the throne.

I’m just here to tell you right now that God is aligning things. There’s a divine alignment for the assignment that God has for you in 2013. This is a season as we launch into 2013 where the Lord really wants you to wrap some old things up. Some of you tried to carry some things from 2012 that really can’t function in 2013. And you’ve gotta wrap some things up in order to launch forward into the place the God has for you. I believe this is going to be a happy great new year. I believe there’s a new expectation God is changing and he is releasing an anticipation in the atmosphere of the earth and of the atmosphere of the church that is not your anticipation or expectation. It is the anticipation and the expectation of heaven itself.

God wants to release something fresh and new on you. And this is what I believe right now. That the Lord is about to break off the spirit of numb off the church. I don’t know about you but I have a tendency at times to just go numb. You kinda come out of the holiday season or you’ve been in so much warfare and so much opposition that you just kind of go into this mode where “I’m not going to feel anything, I’m just moving.” But the Lord is about to open up the receptors of feeling again. I woke up this morning and the Lord said ‘The walls of resistance are coming down’. And some of you have a wall of resistance to receive. It’s what Pastor Jeff just said. Because in order for you to receive, you have to trust. And in order for you to trust, you’ve got to hope. And God wants to heal hope in this room this morning.

I believe this morning, I’m talking to you but I’m prophesying to you at the same time. I believe that there is something about to shift and shake. The Bible says these words in Psalm 27, we know them well but what stuck out to me was in verse 13 of Psalm 27, ‘I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait I say on the Lord’. Now as I say to you wait I say on the Lord, I want you to know that your waiting is over. Because the moment you’ve been waiting for isn’t coming but it’s here. What it means to wait on the Lord is not to stand by and say ‘Lord where are you? When’s it coming?’. But it means to collect and possess all that God has promised you. It means that He’s about to serve you what He’s promised in the first place.

And some of you are about to see the goodness of God in this season like you’ve never seen before. I believe that when people look at you, they’re going to see the goodness of God. I believe that it is time to dream again. Psalm 126 says, ‘We were like those who dream’. And God wants to restore the dream on the inside of you in the beginning of this year. It is not a time to be dormant but it is a time to dance into your dream.

I believe another promise for this house is, and the Lord just spoke it to me during worship this morning, Psalm 65:11 ‘You crown my year with goodness and your past overflow with abundance from me’. Now how many people want your year crowned with goodness? How many want the paths that the Lord has you walking on to overflow with His abundance. I believe that this is a season where God is awakening the abundance of God inside of you. Something is shifting this morning. I want you to know that something is shifting around you, something is shifting for you and something is about to shift on the inside of you. Because God is shifting things into His order, His purpose and His plan like never before.

I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, “I have anointed you to be my dwelling place. I am coming to invade you. I am coming to possess you. I am coming to launch you into the place where deep cries out to deep. For before the foundations of the earth I saw this moment and I saw you in this moment.” And the Lord says “I have you right where I want you. I am bringing you out of frustration. I am bringing you out of agitation. I am bringing you into a place of fulfillment and completion like never before. For I am giving you the marching orders. Do not look back other than to remember how far I have brought you already. But you will look back even a year from now and say ‘How did we get here from there?’ This is the year of crossing over. From potential to promise.” And the Lord says “There have been many, even in this room, the enemy has been lying to you and saying ‘that will never happen. You will not see it in your lifetime.’” And the Lord is saying “I am turning your never into now. Where the enemy said never. Where man said never, I say now. For it is your time and it is your turn. For I have kept you hidden in a season but now I am unveiling the move of the Spirit in this house. For I have not just called you to be a house that’s hidden on Bethlehem Loop Road but I am about to give you visibility in the spirit and in the natural.” For the Lord says “Many may not know your name but they will know my name because of you.” And the Lord says “Because you are willing to go deep while others wanted to go higher, I was taking you deeper. And there were some that could not go to the depths that I’m taking you because they were not designed for it. And there were some that wanted to go this way and that way, and so I allowed them to depart. But do not mourn those that have departed. Celebrate those that are coming and those that have come. For I have set your paths straight and I’m launching you forward.”

“I have made you a training center for the nations. And I am getting ready to gather them from afar. For it will be said in this house to look among the nations and be utterly astounded that even if I were to speak it to you, you would not be able to comprehend it. I’m about to give this house a platform not only in Africa, not only in Europe, but I’m about to open up doors in Asia like never before.” For the Lord says that “I am making you a part of the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen. I tell you this, it is not millions but billions hang in the balance. And I have a grand expectation,” says the Lord “that you will see billions of people, even over 1 billion people come into the Kingdom between now and the end of 2014. For I am raising you up as harvest reapers. It is time to go and gather. Angels are out there ready and I am sending them. I am dispatching them to carry out the Word over this house. You need to move as if resources were not an issue because they are not an issue for me. Therefore they are not an issue for you.”

The Lord said “There are many things that have been placed on the prophetic shelf. Some things that were even placed in storage were words that were spoken even the conception of this church many years ago.” The Lord says that “I am taking them off the shelf. I am putting them into motion and I am increasing your momentum into the miraculous.”

“This is going to be a year of awakening like never before. I am awakening the region but I am awakening a generation. Revival is going to sweep through this house and region like never before. But it will look different than it looks in other places. For children shall rise up and lead you”, says the Lord. “For I am getting ready to breath upon this next generation. For even the young ones will come 3,4, and 5 years old with a word from the Lord that will set the stage for the supernatural to be released in the house, in the city, and in the streets.”

“I am coming,” says the Lords “with a Holy Spirit hijacking and take over. For I am taking over even the plans and strategies of man.” And the Lord says “I am annihilating the enemy in this season.” For the Lord says, “I have infiltrated the enemy’s camp and I am sending you in like insurgence. For the Lord says, “You will go in and will not only recover what was lost but you’re about to gain new territory. Unusual giants are about to fall in the land.” I saw the heads of giants coming off. And those things that look like they are impossible become possible. This is the year of possibilities for the people of Grace Center. “This is the year,” says the Lord “where I am giving you an advantage in the spirit because I have made you a people of praise, a people of purity, a people of prayer and a people of power. And because you did not rob me of my testimony,” says the Lord, “I am getting ready to launch you into deeper territory. For I am anointing you to not only possess but I’m anointing you to take over. Reinforcements are coming. They are coming from the north, the south, the east and the west. They are coming as I said from afar. Get ready for this house will host an international move of the Spirit where they will come from the nations for even the School of Supernatural ministry. They will come to be equipped and then to be launched. I am making this not only a training center but I have called this place to be a fortress for families. And I’ve called this to be a place of fortress,” says the Lord, “I am fortifying your walls. I am strengthening you in this season. This is a place of equipping. This is a place of empowerment. This is a place of encouragement. But this is also a place of engagement. Get ready says the Lord for a heaven is engaged over this place. Cast your bread upon the water and in many day it will come back to you. This is a season,” says the Lord, “to cast your nets for I’m going to begin to release to you the bounty of my harvest that I have promised. 2013 shall be a year of harvest unprecedented to any other year. There shall be great household salvations,” says the Lord, “where even where many of you have been standing even for twenty and fifteen and ten years waiting for those in your family to come unto me, this is the year where I’m turning their hearts.”

On the forefront says the Lord, “I am making myself irresistible upon you in this year. Get ready,” says the Lord, “I am removing the veil. I am launching you forward. Fear not for I am advancing you. I am not holding you back. The delay is over. The discouragement has departed. Be encouraged and of good cheer in this season. For I am opening up the double doors. I am stirring up the hearts of those who would bless you and I’m even turning those that were in opposition to you to operate in your favor and to show you my favor. Get ready,” says the Lord, “for it is time to go in, it is time to cross over for I am invading this dwelling place,” says the Spirit of the Lord... It’s a corporate word but it’s also a personal word. And I believe there is going to be an opening of our ears in this season. That what you hear corporately you start to apply personally. And what you hear personally can have corporate empowerment and corporate influence in the days that are ahead.

This is a season to listen. God is causing this to be a house that listens. He’s opening your ears. I believe that this is going to be a place that is captivated by Heaven like never before. It’s going to be a place of visitation. I believe you’re about to encounter God. This is going to be a place of encounters in new and unusual ways. You’re about to encounter the prophetic voice of God like never before. I believe that there is an army of prophetic voices, there is an army of roaring lions that’s getting ready to be released. I had a dream not too long ago, a couple weeks ago that the Lord was opening up cages and as the cages were being opened, these young lions were emerging. While they were in the cage, they had no roar, they had no fight, they had no desires but when the cage opened they began to come forth. They began to release the word of the Lord. I believe that the Nashville area, this metro area is filled with prophetic voices that have been quieted and shut down. They’ve been caged, they’ve been contained in religious systems. They’ve been contained and caged by different circumstances and things. But God is getting ready to open up the cages and you’re going to begin to hear a roar in the spirit. I believe you’re going to see the roaring lions come forth.

I believe this...that you’re about to encounter the power of God like never before. I believe that this is a place where God is calling Grace Center to be a birthplace for miracles. You’ve been commissioned to invade the impossible. In fact God is making you be passionate about the impossible. Most people see the impossible and they get discouraged and they feel like it’s a wall, but I feel like you’re going to get excited in the face of impossibilities. You’re not gonna run away from it, you’re going to run into it.

I would dare to say to you that this is a miracle year. From the beginning to the end, it’s a miracle year. You’re about to encounter God in the realm of provision. It’s not going to come from man, it’s going to come from God Himself. Because God is about to release what needs to be released to go where you need to go to build what you need to build, to train who you need to train and do what you need to do in this area.

I believe that this is going to be a year of angelic visitations upon your life and in this place like never before. There are angels of generosity that God is surrounding this place with. I believe that there are harvest reaping angels that are in this room to gather up everything you need to carry out the Word of the Lord.

I believe that this is a year of divine dreams and visions like never before. Some of you feel like your dreams have died but God is about to awaken the dream on the inside of you. Because every dream has its death before it has its day. Let that just soak in for a second. Some people mourn the doors that close and they never see the new ones that are opening. Some people are mourning the things that seem like they’re dead, not realizing the resurrection life’s on the inside of you. How many know Joseph’s dreams died before they had their day. And I believe the Lord is bringing many of you out of the dream drought. Some of you have been in a drought where you haven’t dreamed. Some of you have been afraid to dream. But God is about to awaken and resurrect the dreams on the inside of you. You’re about to encounter the works of God in action. You’re about to see His working flowing through you like never before. And this is going to be a year where you’re going to begin to see what Jesus said that greater works shall you do. You’re about to encounter the greater works of Jesus. I’m not just talking about at the altar, not just from the pulpit, I’m talking about in the workplace, in the school like never before.

2013 I believe that God is about to release revival in the schools of Nashville, in Davidson County and Williamson County and Wilson County. I believe the Lord is about to show up on behalf of our children. How many know that there has been a war raging against our young ones? Look what happened in Connecticut...The enemy knows that this is the generation that’s going to usher in the greatest move of God and most likely the return of the Lord. And I believe that the Lord is releasing us not into a season of  being on the defensive but he’s turning our shields and turning our swords, we’re about to go on the offensive. There’s an anointing, an offensive strategy and an offensive anointing, that the Lord is releasing upon you.

I keep hearing the word screamed out in the spirit “Counter attack”. This is a season to launch a counter attack against the enemy. How do you do it? Praise and worship drives him nuts. This is a season where God is positioning you not only regionally, not only in this city but I believe God has given you global positioning in the spirit. That God knows your location and God knows where you are but I believe you’re about to move, He’s about to give you direction and clarity to launch you into a new place, into a new phase in history.

I heard the Lord say that it’s time to learn how to encourage yourself. David encouraged himself in the Lord. Know how he did it? He began to remind himself of all of his victories. Some of you need to rehearse your victories. David didn’t just go and take Goliath out first, the Lord allowed him to practice with a lion, and then a bear so then when he saw the giant, he said ‘You’re just a giant’. What’d he do? In his mind, he began to rehearse his victory. Some of you, God’s about to activate your memory to the miracles of the past. You’re going to remember how God provided for you. How God protected for you. How God came through for you. How God healed you. All of those things. It is time to rehearse the victories and forget the pain of the past.

I believe that this is going to be a season where God is making GC an epicenter for hope and healing for the nations. Let it sink in because you’re a part of it this morning. He’s making you an epicenter of hope and healing for the nations. New attitudes will bring you to new altitudes. Some of you right now, you want to go higher but God wants to change the way you think. Your new attitude will take you to a new altitude. This is a house of eagles and not spiritual chickens. Chickens just peck on the ground, they never fly. They make a lot of noise, they flap their wings. But eagles are mountain dwellers. And I believe that God has called you, he’s calling you up, this is a year to ascend. Who will ascend the hill of the Lord? Those with pure hearts and clean hands. I believe it’s time where God is causing the gates to be lifted. Lift up your head all ye gates. God is opening up the gates. The King of Glory is about to enter into GC. He’s about to enter into Franklin like never before. Here’s what separates and causes eagles to stand out. Eagles are mountain dwellers. In times of storm, they don’t hunker down like other creatures. But they actually go above the storm and expand their territory where everyone else is just trying to hold onto what they have. Some of you right now in the midst of the political climate, economic climate, spiritual climate, all those things the Lord is saying this is not a time to hold on, this is a time to soar. This is not a time to stay in, this is not a time to go down, but it’s a time to soar. To go up higher than ever before.

I love how eagles are because they don’t fly, they soar. So in essence, it becomes effortless. There is an effortless anointing that God is about to release upon you. How many know the the anointing destroys the yoke? I don’t destroy the yoke but the anointing destroys the yoke. It’s effortless. Alls I have to do is show up. And I believe a prophetic word for you this year is alls you have to do is show up. It’s a season to spread your wings. There’s an updraft in the spirit that God is about to take you to a higher level. Eagles understand commitment. They mate for life They don’t just bounce around and all of those things. They are fully committed. And I believe this is a season for commitment like never before. ... Your father can fly faster than you can fall. And I’m saying that because some of you right now, God is trying to push you out of the nest. And like an eaglet you are fighting change. You don’t really want the comforts to be removed. But once those things are removed, you’re going to find out what you were really created to do. And some of you are so afraid of getting out of the nest because you are afraid of failure. But God is breaking the fear of failure off of His people. God would rather have you be an amateur in the new thing than a professional in an old thing. He would rather have you be an amateur in the new thing than a professional in the old thing that everybody’s doing.

This is a house that God has commissioned to pioneer some things in the spirit. Who can even say what it looks like? There is an anointing like Abraham had that God is calling GC to. Especially the leaders. What did God do? In the midst where everything is going good, looking good, it’s going right, everything is fine in Abraham’s life, God says ‘I want you to leave everything you know and I want you to go where you’ve never been before’. Abraham begins to ask all kinds of questions. How? What does it look like? Where is it? ‘You’ll know when you get there’. And I would declare this over you, that 2013 that the Lord is taking you to the place called “There”. You’re crossing over. What you thought was comfort, what you thought was normal, God is establishing in you, He’s breaking you out of the mold. You’re about to go into uncharted territory. I’ve got some good news and bad news for you. It’s not going to be comfortable. The new thing is never comfortable but it’s always worth it. And many of you now are about to possess what’s worth it. God is bringing you to a place of freedom and ease where you’re not trying but trusting. A place of maturity. God always works through order. And I believe the Lord is saying in this season to the body of Christ as a whole ‘Order first, then glory’.  God is establishing the order and the order of the glory to come and remain. I’m tired of visitations. I want a habitation of God. I don’t want to be a spiritual rest area. But I want to be a dwelling place for the Most High God. See God is not looking to just come and visit you on Sunday mornings. He wants to possess you ... I’m here to tell you that God doesn’t just want a Sunday morning visitation, He doesn’t want a Wednesday night visitation, He wants to possess you. See revival is not an event, it’s a lifestyle. There is a lifestyle that God is establishing for you to begin to live it out. God is a God of order. He could’ve created everything in one day with one word, but He chose to do it in six for our benefit. To show us that there’s a process to the promise. God is taking us through a process. 1 Corinthians 14:1 says “Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts”. Many times people want to desire spiritual gifts and maybe get a hold of the love part later. But I’m telling you right now that God is anointing this house to be lovers of God and lovers of people. And I believe if you get those two things, you will see Jesus be irresistible in this place. He’s doing everything decently and in order. God’s setting things, placing things in order because when we lose order, chaos ensues. Here’s what I think we pray amiss sometimes because we’re praying ‘God repair the heart. Heal the heart.’ But God is really saying we need to be praying this ‘God restore the order’. God wants to restore order in America. He wants to restore order in the church, His church. I believe that God is doing something new and amazing in our midst. The God of miracles is restoring the order. He’s restoring order to your body, your mind, and your spirit.

There are some of you in this room that God is releasing a “take back anointing” in this room. There are some of you trying to carry what does not belong to you. But if you will give what belongs to Him back to Him, He will give to you what is rightly yours. In this year you’re about to see a divine exchange. Peace instead of fear. I believe you’re about to see favor instead of fear. You’re about to see provision instead of lack. You’re about to see peace instead of constant turmoil on the inside of you. And I believe that God is about to take some things back in order to give to you what you really need. There is order that God is releasing in this season like never before to bring you into a place of breakthrough. I’m here to tell you that God is about to launch you where deep cries out to deep. There is a longing, there is a stirring, there is an awakening that God is releasing on the inside of you. I believe you’re about to catch the urgency of the spirit. There is an urgency that God wants to release deep on the inside of you concerning the time and the season. I believe a key prophetic word for this moment is this as I close this morning, in the book of Romans 13:11, it says this “And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly, as in the day, not in revelry and drunkenness, not in lewdness and lust, not in strife and envy. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.” I believe that this is a season to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and take everything else off. You need to know something. When you woke up this morning, that you were about to approach the day of salvation. I believe that you’re about to see the day of Jesus the Savior in Franklin TN and GC like never before.

I feel there’s a crying out in this place this morning, ‘Jesus, save me. As I’m going into 2013, Jesus save me’. Because of of you feel like that eaglet. Some of you feel like everything is out of control. But your father can fly faster than you can fall. There are some of you right now, the earth is crying out ‘Jesus save me’. God’s about to make this house a house of first responders. You are about to be equipped to go the distance. You’re about to be launched into a place like never before. I feel there is something significant about to happen in this room. I feel like over the next few days, and weeks and months the Lord is about to do something that is so supernatural and beyond your comprehension. This is going to be the year of above and beyond.

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly above all you could ever ask, think or imagine by the power that works in us. To Him be all the glory and power and honor for now and forevermore. How many know that sounds familiar? It’s in the Bible. You know what that really means? It means you pray your biggest prayer and God’s beyond that. You think your biggest thought and God’s beyond that. You dream your biggest dream and have your biggest imagination and God is beyond that. I feel like the Lord is rolling out a welcome mat saying welcome to the beyond. This is a year that God is filling with expectation to go beyond your past, to go beyond the pain, to go beyond where you’ve ever been or even dreamed that you could be. There is a stirring right now that God is shaking things up. He’s about to remove the cork, remove the cap. And there’s about to be an explosion of his power, of His mind, of His Word, of His provision like never before. I’m here to tell you that God is ready and able to do everything that He said He would do. I believe that this is the year to watch Him do what He said that He would do. Some of you came out of the hardest season of your life. You’re crossing over not only into a new day but into a new era. This is a new era for the church. If the Lord should tarry, I believe that many people are going to read in church history books what’s about to happen in Grace Center. I’m going to retire this message when I leave...This is a word that is designed for this house. It’s designed for you.

Some of you right now are about to come out of turmoil and go to triumph. Some of you right now, I believe that God is taking you out of this season of darkness. Some of you have been in a dark season of the soul but God is about to cause the light of day to shine upon you. It is a new era filled with hope, filled with glory, filled with life, filled with light. Right now God wants to fill this room with anticipation and expectation. Some of you need to do a funeral for 2012 right now. Just let it die. What you didn’t get done, let it go. What you couldn’t change, let it go. This is not a year to carry in what if’s and what only’s. It’s a year to go into ‘God You said’. Here’s crowning the year of 2013 with glory, with honor, with His goodness. I feel an excitement in the atmosphere right now. I believe you’re about to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. You’re about to see His goodness. When I walked in this place this morning and I felt the goodness of God. He’s in your midst. He’s about to bring you out of long suffering into a place of righteousness fulfilled. A place of His word fulfilled like never before. How many people are ready for that?

...Listen I’m not only here to tell you He’s here to save souls, He’s able to save circumstance, situation, jobs, resources, family, all of those things. If something leaped on the inside of you, I want you to stand on your feet because I believe that Jesus the Savior is about to come in this house like never before. This is going to be a year of salvation... So many of us try. We limped out of this last year. It’s not a time to lick our wounds and focus on what didn’t happen. I believe that this is a season where God is removing all of the hope deferred stuff. I believe He’s releasing something in us in this place right now. It’s Christ in us, the hope of glory. Chris in us, the hope of glory.

This word came to me from a young lady from Australia. I think it fits right here. She gave me permission to share it ... “Joy joy joy. 2013 will be year of many long awaited dreams fulfilled. Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life. 2013 is going to be a longing fulfilled. I see many great men and women of God that have been in hospital beds in the spirit with sick hearts. But a general is now walking and yelling ‘It’s time to get up!’ Therefore say to them thus says the Lord God ‘None of my words will be delayed any longer but the word that I speak will be performed’, declares the Lord. ‘The earth will come to life in a new way as people start stepping into their exact purpose and call. 2013 is a year of jubilee. No more shackles, no more shame. I hear a bell in the spirit being rung. It is the bell of celebration but also declaration as people become like a tree of life. It will shift many atmospheres to such and extent that we will see neighborhood and large community salvation. It is also the year of double portion, double doors, and double time. I believe we will see a rise in twins being born in the houses of God as a prophetic sign. There will be a greater call to radical obedience but the restored land of many hearts will make it so beautifully easy to say yes Lord. ‘A new love and a new era begins’, says the Spirit of the Lord.

I believe right now that God sent a word from thousands of miles away for this moment and this time because I believe that God is about to establish something in GC. He’s about to establish something in your life. I believe right now that this is your moment. That this is a moment of salvation. It’s a moment of breakthrough. I believe it’s time to focus our faith. Let me give you a profound prophetic word; focus, focus, focus. Focus your faith, focus your energy, focus on what’s major, what’s important to God in your life right now. God has many of you in a stirring stage. Refuse to be normal, refuse to be status quo, refuse to hold back, refuse to let yesterday determine your tomorrow. Right now in this place, I declare breakthrough over the people of God. I declare that this is a year of creative miracles. I declare that this is a season of positioning in the spirit where God is platforming anointings.

I speak life and life more abundantly in the house. I speak life and life more abundantly in this house. What the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy, I declare that this is the year of seven times back. Seven times harvest. Seven times the souls. Seven times the resources. Seven times the people. Lord you’re mighty to save. Right now in this place  there’s a deep work in this place. God is assembling things together. I’m telling you right now, this is a month to seek Him. No more holding patterns. Some of you have been in a holding pattern. God’s clearing the runway. God’s bringing the promises in for the landing right now. Father in the name of Jesus I release salvation, streams of salvation in this place right now. Lord I declare atmospheric shifts in the next 72 hours. Come on, I’m telling you right now. This is a week of miracles in the house. Things that have been held back are being released. Right now in Jesus name.

Prophecy from Lois Gott

Lois Gott 10/28/12

We pray a blessing upon this wonderful church. We pray God, that we will just know a bubbling up of miracles of healing of deliverance. Lord we pray that those that are tormented with mental illness, with depression, they will come here and in an instant they will find freedom and wholeness of mind.

We pray that those that are actually on their deathbeds, just as with Wigglesworth, were laid there, they will be healed within a minute. God we pray right now we pray from the well of healing deep through the generations in Suderland...Lord we pray that that well, from that well, will be unstopped a river of healing power. And Lord not for man’s glory. I pray Lord that the spirit of the anointed amateur, that loves you with all their hearts and dances before the King of Kings will never become a professional with the glory carried on a cart. But that God you would live in this house and the desperate and the needy and the sick will come and touch you. We bless the leadership. We bless their hearts, every single one of them. We bless this new baby that’s going to be born. A sign of a new thing. And we pray God that you will multiply them in every area of their lives.

Prophecy from Ken Peters

Ken Peters 4/28/12

The Lord is accelerating the life of this church. My wife saw your pastor scraping the ground, clawing at the ground, to dig the wells of the Living Water. And the Lord says, “Certainly I’ve come to visit this place, not because I love this place more than the other places in this region, but because you’ve created a safe place for Me. And the Spirit of the Lord says ”Jesus feels welcome here. And he comes at times and visits here without you seeing him with your earthly eyes. But He feels safe here, and He feels secure among his own brethren." And the Spirit of the Lord says, “Know this my people, that certainly this house is about to become a house that will never be reckoned with – it will not be a house that will be challenged by the demonic ever again. It will be a place of ultimate victory. And the Lord says “Though you sit among hills, I’m going to raise a tent of healing in this place. And this tent will be seen for many hundreds of miles. As your state touches many states around it in a circumference, this tent of healing will stretch out and touch all those states around you in the first three years. And then you will touch twenty states around you and then you’ll be known as one of the circumference rings that many prophetic voices have seen over the years that interlink across this nation and you will be an end time refuge house for Me.”

And the Lord says, “I take serious note of the people of this congregation. This is My Bethany; this is My Bethany, says the Lord. And this is where I find my Lazarus, and my Martha, and my Mary - those that I can recline with, those that I can sit with, those that I can enjoy fellowship with and truly empower with my greatness. There will be a wrath of jealousy that will rise up, but I will extinguish it for you, and I will distinguish who you are among who’s who. And the Lord says, “Many.” Son as you lead this place – daughter, as you lead this place - you must think bigger; you must think much bigger than this room, because I have a hungry people in the Baptist church. I have a hungry people in the Presbyterian church. And I will visit them. But there will be those among those churches, and the Methodists, that won’t let me stay. And because of that, I’m gonna open the gate to the sheepfold, and I’m gonna bring many sheep that come from other places because they need pasture and because they need shepherds. I’m dropping on this church today the umbrella of the apostolic anointing for signs and unusual wonders. You people that pray, you people that believe, you people of great faith, step into this. Don’t be afraid because it will be not only those reckoned by titles and positions that are given by my kingdom, but those who are earthly workers as well.  For certainly, the trash man, the plumber, the carpenter, the electrician, the librarian, will do the works of God in this place. And the Lord says you will become a name of fame, but it will be Glory for my Name and fame. There will begin to be many brought here, even in the Spirit of the old times, like in ambulances, wheelchairs, upon stretchers and gurneys on their last leg. For the Lord says, on their last leg will be given Life here and Hope. Don’t look down your noses, my people, for I’ll bring many here that don’t look like you or act like you. Some of them will be bound in alcoholism; some of them will be bound in drug addictions; some of them will be bound in pornography and alternate lifestyles. But I want you to liberate them because I’ve given you the Key of David. This church has the key of David and the Spirit says I’m going to launch your worship here to the next level and God says you’re going to begin to connect with Great Britain in tremendous ways, and you’re even going to teach Chinese people how to worship God in Spirit and truth.

Behold an open door is before you. It’s your time to walk through. It’s not your time to think about the sorrow of yesterday, for I’ve wrenched that away. I’ve taken it away from the midst of you. Know this: you are no longer a people of reproach in my region. This is My state. And though others of the faith look down on you because of your unusualness and your fullness of the Spirit, the Lord says, stand erect in your humility. For the Lord says, I’m about to bring down the Pharisees of the region and I’m about to exalt the humble of my household. Be of good cheer, be of good cheer; I’ve placed my stamp of approval, and this is the set time to favor my Stones here. This is your set time, says the Lord. Embrace the new that I bring to you. Please, please, my people, do not emulate others, other great ministries, other people that have done great things because you take away from Me my creativity that I have for you here. Embrace what I’ve made you to be and let it begin to explode from this place.

I am now unlocking the gates of provision for the vision that I’ve given to this house. I will raise up people that are ordinary to become wealthy people for the glory of my name. And everyday saints will now begin to experience an abundance of provision. I am Lord over this recession. If you will take a seven day fast of solemn assembly you will break it off your state, you will break it off your state, and the blessing of God will come. And new enterprise will be developed in this region. And this city of Nashville and Franklin – the connectors, all the connectors nearby will explode with new growth and prosperity for my people. It’s no longer prosperity to lavish good things upon yourself only, but it’s to build my kingdom and to take care of the poor. If you will marry yourself to the heart of the poor I will lavish my provision upon you. Never – those that have been here since the beginning – do not despise the day of small beginnings. For soon - in three years - you will look back and this place would seem as a small beginning to you in your eyes. For what I shall do shall be global-impacting. I’m not doing this so that everybody can have a great name. I’m not doing it so you can have the finest equipment inside. I’m doing it because you’ve brought me a safe place to dwell in."

Prophecy from David Wagner

David Wagner 12/12/11

Season of the suddenly; days of delay and disappointment coming to an end; moment you’ve been waiting for is here

Everything you need today is at hand, within your reach

This place is anointed as an Antioch; place to be trained up and launched out; apostolic training center; distribution center for the Kingdom of God

Cure for Dysfunction in the Earth (Dysfunctions: unfathered, uncorrected, unfruitful, unhealed, and untaught)

Anointing of Elijah on this house: GC anointed to turn hearts; restorative anointing where people leave the dysfunctional and step into the functional

School of Prophets will be here and will tell you what God is saying; true prophets will do it with love and not harshness

Things are not corrected because we've had profits for profit.  The word of the Lord does come to correct as well.  

True prophets are rising up.  Releasing of the prophetic mandate.

Ordained to heal church wounds.  Heals the prophetic where people have been used and abused.  “Healing the hope of calling”

How do you know the one who is called?  Rejection
  -  show me one who has been rejected and he is the one who is called
it was good enough for Jesus...the stone the builders rejected

God is accelerating you beyond where you thought you could be. Not just catching you up, but accelerating you by three years (healed in your calling, healed in your church wounds)

Birthplace of miracles
  - welcome to Labor and Delivery written over the doors

An epicenter of hope and healing
   - the vibration of the move of the spirit.  
   - public schools are opening to you

Davidic anointing....worshipped and forerunner. Prophets. Voice in the wilderness.  As priests to minister to my people and to me. Abandon the traditions of church.
18-35 yr olds....catalyst anointing. The missing generation is here. People feel safe. place and a dangerous place all at once.  Safe to encounter the spirit of God, dangerous for the enemy.

Season of shift here....Shift Happens.  

Fortress for families.  Unusual anointing for reconciliation on families.

Prophetic Outpost...people come and get supplies for building.  Release the building blocks for the next phase of expansion. vision: trucks coming to and fro with building material

Place of refuge...fiery darts aimed at GC on purpose. Jewish people coming in. A place of refuge for them to receive and be hidden for a season.  I'd is moving us into a season that is an Eph 3:30 time...he is getting ready to do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine.

You pray your biggest prayer or dream and I’m beyond that.  I'm giving permission and access to go above and beyond. Season of above and beyond to launch into new realms of destiny and purpose.

From diapers to destiny.

Season of up up and away. Causing you to soar where you’ve never soared before. Come up here. Rise up to where I am.  Leave the valley of decision to the mountain of change.

Momentum begins at the mountain. Place of revelation and impartation.

Isaiah 60 anointing (Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has come). Commissioned you to carry his glory. He has been forming the containers (character) through testings.

Carriers of His presence and protectors. Davidic anointing to be prophets, His voice. Prophetic dimension to DNA.

Priests to minister to Him and people. Church without walls. Spill out in the community.

Season of planting, even of other churches regionally. Open things in N, S, E, W. He will open up the strategy to start 10 churches in next 5 years. A move in the SE. 300 mile radius of influence. Stir up the old. Exposure came before the expansion. Exposure of motives. Now expanding the capacity of your heart and calling.

Build what has never been built before. Do what has never been done before.

Release many to you...the scattered. Pastors kids will come and have a place of refuge. People that said they will never be a part of church will come and have roots in this place. Callings will be healed. Identities restored.  Those will come and land for a season and I'll launch you again.

Ask for the hard cases, and I’ll do them for you. Invitation to invade the impossible.

Portal of provision. Angels of generosity with big baskets and running shoes to gather what you need to fulfill the promise.

Harvest reapers. Sons and daughters come from afar. Zacchaeus: unlocking the generation.

Three generational move out of Grace Center: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God won’t pass one by to get to another.

In next year, establishing government of God. Cause America to come to a turning point. As it goes with the church, so it goes with the nation. Sleepers must awake.

Are there anymore out there like us? There are still yet 7000! They will come to you. I am sending the multitudes because you were willing to go after the one.

I am releasing the increase of my favor on you.

In the next year:
Redemption. Household salvation. Redeeming people, time, circumstance, and situation.  
Restoration. Acts 3; repent so that times of refreshing may come. Jesus is coming to His church before He comes for His church.

Ten month window of opportunity that He is strategizing to advance and go forth. No longer shall you retreat and wait. This is a season for invading the impossible. Possessing what was promised you all along. The moment you’ve been waiting for isn’t coming, but it’s here. Your time has come. Bringing you into a time of refreshing.

He is lining the prophetic words of this place up like dominoes and knocking them one into another.

Season of fulfillment and completion.  Also a time of birthing. Breathing on those that we think are beyond repair. (Isaiah 58 anointing: repairers of the breach)

Evicting demonic dynasties from Nashville, Franklin, TN, middle region of US.
He is going to breathe like never before in old south. Release a spiritual movement like that can not be slowed down. Breaking people out of their boxes. Pouring out His spirit on all flesh. (Acts 2:17)

Multi generational, multi denominational movement like never before.

Ready or not, here I come!

A wind of worship.  In the spring there will come unusual winds. 45 mile hour wind. It's just the wind of refreshing I'm releasing over the land.  You've been through the trials but now I'm going to do what I promised. So watch!

Season of encounters: Prophetic encounters, power encounters, provision encounters, angelic encounters.  

Angels greater than our national debt....divided by every person on the earth, you have 150,000 angels assigned to your life

Tell you the truth...greater works you shall do.  Not just baptizing us into tongues or slain in the spirit, but greater works of Jesus....about to encounter the works of God in action.  

This winter, a blanket of love that covers the land. God wants to express his heart like never before. About to encounter the creator like never before

2012 is the year for the creative and the creator.

About to encounter El Shaddai (from El Elohim: creator, creating and Shaddai: many blessing one)...if you need something, and He doesn’t have it, He will create it just for you.

This place will be an Art studio....where prophetic artists can express themselves


Releasing to the body of Christ the Key of C

1. COMMAND: God is delegating that kind of authority to you

   A.  OBEDIENCE: Absolute obedience. Deut...God is speaking big promises that hinge on obedience.  Disobedience release curses. Break the curse by your obedience.  Obedience Blvd.

Fear of the Lord is being restored to the Earth. Absolute obedience no matter the cost. Doing what God says without asking questions.  When you have the word of the Lord forget the opinion of man.  Ex) Moses. God told him what to do. But he consulted the people. They said send in 12 spies. People moved with the crowd instead of the cloud.  Stop getting 2nd opinions.
   - Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (permission).
   - He is giving you permission. Stop waiting for the 2nd opinion!
   - Show me what's on the other side of my obedience

    B.  POWER: Where the word or command is there is power.  Ecc. 8:4
    - Your miracle is in your mouth.  Amos 3: 7-8 ....He releases it through our mouths
    - Gen.1: He spoke and created. When you speak it releases God to create
    - MY word in YOUR mouth has the same power as MY word in MY mouth!
    - Become prophetic voices to your own life
    - He is breaking the doubt inside of you for your ability to hear. Opening ears, eyes and mouth to fulfill it
    - Don't underestimate the power of a prophetic word.  
    - He spoke my destiny into being
    - God put hungry people in my path;  if you give us something to speak I will
   - The days of flipping around the prophetic like its other are coming to an end
   - The tongue has the power of death and life...whether you choose to speak or not ; we are called to be the voice of the Lord, no matter if it’s convenient or uncomfortable
    - refuse to be silent when others are going to hell

     C. LOVE:  Matthew 22:37; you will never win what you do not love...till you love your country, your brother, your'll never win what you don't love.
   - This is wrong phrase:  we love you but we hate the sin.    They never hear the love part....just the hate part
  - you won't hug him because you won't love him like I do....afraid you get what he has, or

2.  COMMIT: we don't accept applications...only commitments
   - commitment will keep you even when feelings fade
   - its not how you start but ow you finish
   - any type of correction was rejection

3.  CONNECT: 2 Tim 2:1: Holy Spirit - stay in a steady stream. Stay connected to your source of power
   - He is releasing relevant, real ministry.  
   - It’s easy to go in autopilot
   - Religion is what you're left with after the spirit leaves the building (Bono)
   - Stay connected to one another - We get wounded and isolated. The enemy comes in and destroys
   - Our first instinct is to pull back. Get rid of isolations, offenses, unbelief.  
   - Unbelief is not a lack of faith but believing something other than what God said
   - Get rid of unforgiveness...cancer
   - The elephants...all connected. No gaps where the enemy can get in

4. CONQUER: Rom. 8:28 You’re more than conquerors because the conquering King lives on the inside of you.  
   - Whatever is holding you back, deal with it. Anointing of confrontation coming to GC.
   - What you don't confront becomes your culture
   - Confront sin, deal with it.  Don't pet sin, deal with it.
Anointing of Caleb in this room....when he was in his 80’s he was stronger than ever....he saw the giants. But dealt with generational issues and timing, and conquered.

Nothing is going to be held back from you because nothing is going to be held back from Him. Something is shifting and stirring.

Today God is getting ready to launch you. He is not winding things down but winding things up. Launching into destiny. Year of light of God in the earth.

Never find ACCIDENT or COINCIDENCE in the Bible.

Word to the body of Christ and to Grace Center and also a personal word. God is going to launch you into a new realm.

Prophecy from Shawn Bolz

Shawn Bolz 10/9/11

This is the land of blending, it’s the true melting pot, Nashville. And I feel like the Lord has been building something and pioneering something for you that you’re about to leave the pioneering phase and you’re about to come into a settling and reaping phase of what you’ve been pioneering. And I feel like the energy you do pioneering with is different than the energy you reap with. And I saw this over one of the people in a different way here and the Lord said this is also a word for the church and I was like ‘Wow’ so they’re about to enter in, it’s like a tipping point where the joy that you’re about to have, the joy you’re about to have and the work you’re doing. And the strategy for structure will be so different because it’ll be in the midst of reaping instead of in the midst of planting and plowing and all these things.

And I felt like the Lord showed me that you guys are going to represent reapers in this body who reap what they haven’t sown in this region. And that there’s about to be a number of people in this room and in this church that pop into their greater calling either financially or entertainment industry wise or ministry wise, you’ll pop into your greater calling. Even some of you who are like itinerant ministers are going to pop into a greater over the next 18 months that’s going to cause segments of what God’s doing here to go forward in radical speed. I saw an acceleration and I feel like there’s been a calm before this all breaks out. I feel like there’s been a season of not necessarily peace, but a quiet before this all breaks out. But I feel like all heaven’s about to break lose. All heaven is about to break lose. And it’s going to happen because individuals are about to have personal breakthrough and I feel like you guys need to practice saying something and it’s ‘Your breakthrough’s my breakthrough’. I feel like many of you are going to have breakthroughs and then other people need to see that God is no respecter of persons and He has no favorite, uh favorite, no he doesn’t have any favorites. And so I feel like some of you need to see as you hear good stories, whether it’s the same industry you’re in or the same ministry you’re in or whatever, as you hear good stories that you go me too.

And i know like, um, I know like there’s something that’s being shifted for Grace Center to be. I said it this morning a Daniel influence on the region to influence influencers in the region. And i feel like it’s no longer going to be just a by product of what you’re doing but a prioritized focus to influence the region with the Kingdom of God to be a great source of blessing and resource to the region.

And I saw a hub or a rallying point for many things here over this people and it wasn’t just over the church, I felt like the Lord is really going to give you seven mountaintop theology. I just really, He’s really going to give you an ability to influence people outside and I feel like there’s been such a ministry focus for so long that, and it’s been good, because it’s built something but there’s about to be an exporting into the world of what God’s doing. And I feel like He’s going to send in prophets of the secular entertainment industry, the secular business industry and I saw prophets who are also consultants that have will come along side and show you how to build out into the segments so you’re next season won’t be the prophets that build the church, it’s gonna be the prophets that build the industries of the world. And it’s gonna blow you away, the quality of people who come and who the Lord calls as prophets to these areas.

And I saw like, um, a great shifting of mindsets happening all in like one ten, twelve month period where almost everybody here who’s been in a ministry mindset, or in a church building mindset which has been good, this is not negative, but is gonna start to see outward. It’s like you built something inward and now it’s time to bring people to it and go out from it. And I feel like the Lord is saying there’s a “go” anointing. A sending anointing where it’s been an introverted focus in a good way to just build something. It’s now going to be an extroverted focus to go and there’s about to be, I’m telling you, a great export. A great export. And I’m really encouraged by it because I feel like, um, people have been waiting for you to be this and haven’t been patient for you. So there’s even been some judgement against GC because they’re like ‘Why aren’t you that yet?’ And it takes time to develop good wine. It just does. But man when it’s ready to drink it’s a good thing isn’t it? It’s a good thing. So the Lord’s had patience with you and He loves your process even if a lot of people misunderstood it but when it’s time, then it’s a beautiful thing.

So I believe, you can take this for what it’s worth, but I believe this season is your transition into a move of God, a real move of God. And it’s not necessarily the ‘Hooo’, you know like I manifest like a million times so I’m not making fun of manifesters, but it’s not necessarily like an intense, you know like renewal, but it’s a move of God where you get placed in society and you start to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and you start to celebrate what God’s doing to export you and there’s a lot of accompanying of powerful people together. Not just leaders, but a powerful people together, the church. That powerful people can find safety together and when you add powerful people to powerful people you get an explosion and I think that’s about to happen. So it’s a tipping point for you guys, it really is. So, next time I come here you guys are going to be telling me ‘And this happened and this happened and this happened.’ and I’ll be like ‘Oh my gosh’. do it in LA God, do it in Hollywood.

PS. This is a great building by the way. It is. This is a great campus. And I feel like some are like ‘Oh, we’ve outgrown the campus, we’re gonna go somewhere else’ and God will give you more space. He’s a good God, but this is a great building and I feel like there’s glory on this location. There’s goodness on this location. I heard some grumbling in different places and I’m telling you this is a good, good good space. This is a blessing from Heaven. And I’m just saying it because I walked through here and I’m like there’s history here and there’s happiness and families toward this building because of what God’s done.

Prophecy from Heidi Baker


(1st Service)
(Speaking of the Japan devastation) The Lord called us as a movement to be first response in disaster zones and I’m so proud of the young people, you know, that are just saying yes. All we do is just put out one call and there will be twenty, forty, fifty people out of our schools that just say yes immediately and they go into the darkest most devastated places. It’s like the harvest is ripe and the Holy Spirit is just on me right now that He wants to raise up an army of lovers. An army of laid down lovers that are just gonna say yes to anything that he asks of them.

And I feel like the Lord is saying he wants to raise up and army of lovers who would be first response. Who would be first response that whenever they hear of pain, disaster, brokenness, sickness, desperation, they would just be the first response to run right in there full of the Holy Spirit, full of the Holy Spirit. Whether it be here in America or across the nations of the world. Across the oceans of the world. I just believe that God is saying that out of this house he is going to raise up lovers who are first response. And everything that they have and everything that they will do is going to flow out of the presence. And He says that He has taught you how to get in His presence and as you get in His presence, He is going to reveal His heart to you in greater measure. And He says to you, He wants to take you to an even deeper, deeper, deeper insight to the realms of His glory where you literally see what Jesus sees, where you literally see what Father sees. And He says “Don’t be afraid because as I take you deep, deep, deep into my heart, I’m going to break yours. And I want to take you further than you’ve been before and deeper than you’ve been before. And I want to show you the things that are on my heart.” For many people ask why. Many people ask why. And the Lord says that He has an answer. And His answer is you. He wants to take you to be His hands extended. He wants to take you as His lovers. He wants to take you as His hands and His feet.

And He says He’ll take you with authority. And you’ll have authority over the darkness. Because the darkness in this world is getting darker still. The demonic presence in this world is getting fiercer still. But the Lord says that He is going to give His people a radical fiery love that is going to be fearless and you will conquer the darkness. You will conquer the darkness. For as the world shakes I’m going to send my people the Lord said “As the world shakes and breaks I’m going to send my people. But my people are called to be fearless in their love. And they are called to focus on my face and not on the disaster.” He says focus on my face. Do not focus on the disaster. He says focus on my face, do not focus on the disaster. And I hear that Lord say that things are going to get darker still in this nation but they are going to get brighter still at the same time. And maybe you can’t understand that but the Lord is going to give you an ability to understand because darkness, darkness is longing to cover the earth. But the Lord wants to use His people to shine.

And He says wherever you will step in, there will be revival. Wherever you step in there will be peace. Wherever you will step in, there will be glory. Wherever you will step in, there will be kingdom. Wherever you will step in, there will be my delight. Wherever you step in there will be supernatural protection. Wherever you step in, there will be a wall of fire. Wherever you step in, there will be the glory within. Step in! Step in! Step in! Step out! Step in! Step out! Step in. The Lord says He wants to call you in and He wants to call you out. He wants to call you in and He wants to call you out.

I’m going to ask you guys just to lift your hands and close your eyes and just ask God to speak to you. God God God, speak speak speak speak Lord. We are listening God. Open our ears God. Open our eyes God. Open our ears God. Open our mouths God. Open our spirits God. Open our...holy holy holy. Open our holy holy holy holy. I feel like the Lord’s saying that His love for the western church is so intense, so intense and He says to love His bride. He says He’s calling to love His church to love His bride. And not to look at her flaws but look at her beauty. He says don’t look at her flaws, look at her beauty. Don’t look at her flaws, look at her beauty because the Lord loves her and he wants you to love her too. He says you can choose what you look at. You can choose what you focus on. You can choose what you look at. You can choose what you focus on. And the Lord says “Choose to focus on the light. Take your eyes off of the darkness and focus on the light.” And as you focus on the light when you step into the darkness, the light will come. And you will see my hands and my feet. And you will be my hands and my feet.

He says don’t look even at the multitude, look at the one I’ve placed before you. Don’t look at what you cannot accomplish and cannot fulfill, look at what I will accomplish and fulfill through your little life laid down. He says fear not little ones, fear not little ones, fear not, fear not, fear not the shaking. Fear not the breaking. Fear not. Fear not. Fear not little ones. Step into the light. Fear not little ones. I’m going to put such a hedge of fire about you. Such a glory within you. I feel like, I feel like if you’ll just reach up right now, just reach up right now in the presence, and say yes Lord. Say yes Lord. I will go Lord, I will go to the darkest places God and I will carry your light and I will focus on your face Lord Jesus and I will not be afraid Lord Jesus. I will lift my eyes unto you God and I will listen to you Jesus. I will listen to you Jesus. I will listen to your voice. I will listen to your cry. I will listen. I will listen God.

The Lord says sometimes I will speak to you about very very very very very little things and you will ask me ‘God what about the big big big big things? What about the big big big disaster? What about the big big big needs?’ And the Lord says “I will speak to you what I will speak to you. Sometimes I will speak to you about a cup of cold water. Sometimes I will speak to you about ???. Sometimes I will speak to you about a cookie. And sometimes I will speak to you about a child in a brothel that you need to bring home to safety. The Lord says I will speak to you everyday as you open your eyes and your heart to me.

And He says fear not, fear not, fear not fear not fear not fear not. Perfect love casts out fear. As I am taking this movement, the Lord says over this house, He speaks to this house as a movement. I’m taking this movement into a place of first response b/c you have learned to put the first things first. Because you have learned to put first things first. Because you’ve learned to worship me the Lord says, before anything else. And to not allow your schedule to take you out of the presence. And I hear the Lord say thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank for listening.

And then I see, I see, like a device in your ear where, where your ears are being opened up to the cries. To the cries of the poor, to the cries of the died, to the cries of the sick. And it’s like some of you are saying ‘We don’t want to hear your cry! We don’t want to hear their cry! We’re called to worship. We don’t want to hear their cry, we are called to the secret place.’ And the Lord says it’s both and more. The Lord says it’s both and more. As you hear the cry of the poor and the desperate and the dying and the sick and the broken and the loss. Whoa! You will hear “Come come come into the secret place. Come away with me and eat and drink enough for the dying.”

And the Lord says that even in America there will be bread lines and soup kitchens and they will grow and grow. Do not fear little sheep. Do not fear little ones because I will put provision in your hands and the church will shine like never before. For those who will hear my voice will take the bread of life. And I will give you bread, fresh bread from heaven. And I will give you physical bread and I will even multiply bread for you. I will multiply bread for you. I will multiply soup for you. I will multiply food for you. I will multiply it. And where some will be trembling you will be full of joy because you will watch me everyday provide provide provide provide provide for those who are crying and hurting and dying. Do not fear little sheep. I’m about to explode my love in a measure that the world has never seen because when the darkness rises up, I will rise up even more. Beyond what you have ever known. Oh, Fear not, fear not, fear not, fear not for I will come with my glory. I will come with my light. I will come with my kingdom and I will come through you. Fear not, fear not, fear not, fear not, fear not, fear not, fear not. Do not shake. Stand firm. Do not shake.

Stand firm for I will put an anointing on you like something you have never seen before. And even the ones in the back back back, even the ones in the back back back. Even the ones in the side side sides, even the ones outside who can’t get in, even there I will place a radical anointing on my love in you, through you, for Me. Who will go? Who will go? Who will go? Who will go? Who will go? Ah Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus. Can we just pray for a few minutes in the spirit? Can we just pray for a few minutes in the spirit? Some of you are like I didn’t want to hear that. Well, it’s ok. You can’t focus on the darkness, you’ve got to focus on the light. You can’t focus on the disaster. You need to focus on the provision. You need to focus on what God is giving you, which is more glory, more presence, more kingdom, more light, more revival, more more more more food. More provision.

I see gas tanks filling up. I see gas tanks filling up. I see gas tanks filling up. I see that people of God out of this house and out of those that are in this house even now, I see gas tanks filling up. I see you laying hands on your gas tanks and then filling up. This is going to be a wild sign and a wonder out of this house and out of those even visiting this house. You’re going to lay hands on your gas tank and the needle is going to go up. And the Lord says it’s a sign and a wonder, that’s going to be a sign and a wonder onto you to know that there is always enough. There’s always enough. There’s always enough of my Holy Spirit and if you’ll dwell in my presence I will give you more oil. If you dwell in my presence I will give you more gas. If you dwell in my presence I will give you more to drink. If you dwell in my presence, more to eat. And not just for you but everyone along the way. Just you guys. Just pray pray pray pray pray pray pray. Could you just pray God God God God. Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus. Oh Jesus. Lord use Lord use Lord use the teams in Japan right now. Use the ones in Congo right now. Use the ones in Sudan right now. Use the ones in India right now. Buying back the child prostitutes God. Use the ones in Mozambique going night and day and day and night to rescue those in the darkness God. Use the ones Lord in Brazil Father. Use the ones in America Father who say yes Lord. Yes to your love God. God take us up and in up and in up and in up and in up and in. There’s always enough and more than enough. There’s always enough and more than enough.

Focus your eyes on Jesus. Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus. Oh Jesus, thank you Lord for a word from the Word, a word from the Word, a word from the Word. Thank you Jesus for a word from the Word today. Thank you Jesus. I’m listening God. Thank you Jesus. I’m listening God. Thank you Jesus I’m listening God. I’m listening God. I’m desperate God. God I don’t mind if you undo me in front of people God but I’m just desperate and I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to say that I’m a desperate woman. I’m not afraid to say that I’m a little little little little little desperate woman. But God I’m also not afraid to proclaim that you’re a big God and you’re big daddy God. And you’re a big daddy God that could use anybody. And you can use me right here right now because I’m as yielded as I can get God. I’m as yielded as I can get God. You know you know you know you know everything God. You know everything God and I’m as yielded as I can get God. And I want you to touch these people God and I want you to crush in on them God.

Yeah and just for a minute I sense that anyone that came for a healing, you have cancer you have arthritis you have liver problems, you have diseases that cannot be healed by natural man. I just want you to come and sit in the front from the overflow rooms too. We’ll just pray in Jesus name. No fire department come today. We’re just praying in Jesus name no fire department come today in Jesus name. Don’t let them see the fire that’s in this house today God. Don’t let them see it God. Just let your people see it. And I want to ask everybody who is sick in their bodies and it cannot be healed by medicine even those of you who say it can be, maybe a little bit but I’m really really desperate, you come too. And I want you to just sit and lie in the front. And then I’m going to ask the lay down lovers, guys like Lyle and Desi, all the ministry teams just sit next to them during this message. We are going to lay hands on them and God is saying cancer is going to be healed. Arthritis is going to be healed. Joint problems are going to be healed. I see oil running down backs. I see oil running down back.

I see someone with a hearing aid speak healed right now. Take it out, take it out, take it out, take it out. You’re going to hear the birds singing. I’m going to ask you to be really sweet. My eyes are still closed they can’t see. I want you to just sit or kneel or lie down...Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus, chronic pains being lifted right now. Chronic pains being lifted right now. Just everybody else close your eyes, lift your hands. Don’t be spectators today. Let the body be the body. Any of you released to pray in this house and those I called as well just lay hands on these guys. Sit with them. Quietly. And just lay your hands on them. Jesus is here. Holy Spirit is here. Father is here.

I see there is someone here you’ve been abused over and over and over. It’s like your whole life you’ve been abused and the Lord said He is setting you free today from your pain. Holy Spirit is just rocking in on you. Just rocking in on you and He said you’re free from your pain of abuse and suffering.

There’s some young man you’re about to be homeless. God is about to provide for you. You’re not going to become homeless. The Lord is going to give you a home. The Lord is going to give you a place of peace and safety. He’s going to take you and He’s going to transform you with His love.

There are three alcoholics in this house today and the Lord says no shame, don’t be ashamed, don’t be ashamed. Just come and be healed. The Lord is going to set you free from your pain and the alcoholism is going to be gone. Drug abuse is being healed today. Drug abuse, drug abuse, drug abuse, drug abuse is being healed today. And the Lord is saying it’s His arms of love. He wants to hold you with his arms of love and the drugs will have no appeal to you. Becoming drunk will have no desire for you any longer. Nothing. I feel like the Lord is saying, this day this day this day this day it’s finished. While I appreciate the ten step I feel like the Lord’s saying “This day it’s finished.” (ministry)

I see joints being healed. Like oil running down joints today. Joints being healed. Somebody whose had migraine headaches, migraine headaches. You can’t even turn on the lights it’s like so much pain and you’ve knocked yourself out is so excruciating. And the Lord says, “They’re gone”. And this is really weird but this person with migraine headaches, I’ve never sensed something like this before and I’m just so sensitive to Holy Spirit I don’t want to offend anyone but I believe you’re allergic to, you’re not supposed to have chocolate and caffeine. And I know it’s lovely but there’s something, the Lord is saying you’re just not wired in that way. So, I almost want to apologize but I’m not going to because I just heard there’s some kind of allergic thing in you. And there’s also, I see the Lord healing some people with joint problems and the Lord says you’re allergic to NutraSweet. Whoa. He said you’re allergic to NutraSweet. And I hear some people, even in this room, saying “Why doesn’t he just heal them of their allergies.” I don’t know. I just hear Him say you’re allergic to NutraSweet. Don’t have any. Whoa. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know everything. I only know what he tells me. So now, He’s telling me to open my eyes so here I go. Hello. I mean, I wouldn’t think you’d have yourself such a tall pulpit with Becky around but I guess you’re tall yourself. I’m going to look at the Word...

Prophecy from Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke12/5/10

Word for Grace Center, city, region, and state

This is what I feel the Lord saying, “This is the place and this is the time of my choosing. This is the house where I choose to do as I please. This is my time,” says the Lord “and I will indulge my passion for my people even in your midst. I have measured you in times past. I’ve corrected you. And I’ve changed your face. I’ve seen you on your knees and I’ve heard your prayers. And behold I come to fulfill the dreams that I have placed in your heart. I have measured you for a blessing. And now it’s time to open the rivers from the heights of Heaven and pour out my spirit upon all peoples in this place.”

I’m not just talking about this church here, I’m talking about this whole region. When God says He’s going to pour out His spirit upon all peoples, He means the people you like, the people you don’t like. He means Christians and pre-Christians. He means everybody. He means people who don’t deserve it and people who do deserve it. He means people who need it and people who aren’t looking for it. When God says all flesh, it’s exactly what He means. No one’s safe when the river flows.

“The water level is rising in this house. The water level is rising.” And the Father is saying, “I have promised many things to myself in this region, in this city.”

I hope you’re understanding something here. This is not about you. You understand that? This is a prophetic word that is about you but it’s not about you. This is a prophetic word where the Lord is saying ‘This is about me and what I want.’ So slightly different. Here’s a promise though....

“My beloved will know my presence. My beloved will feel a weight of blessing like a wave of water being poured out on the parched earth. This is no flash flood, but it’s an ancient dry river bed being filled and flowing again.” I don’t know what all moves you’ve had in the spirit in times past. I don’t know what ancient riverbeds in the anointing have gone through this state. But what I do sense is what the Lord is saying “Those places still have breath.”

You know when God does a work, it’s an eternal work? You know what that means then? It means renewal is not over. It will never be over until Jesus comes back. Every move of God is an eternal move. He doesn’t do temporary stuff because he’s not temporal. He’s eternal. And so He doesn’t do temporary stuff. In fact, I would say, the whole thing prophetically of times and seasons is an Old Testament revelation. Jesus never talked about seasons, He only ever talked about times. Because we are in a new time. And we’re always used to seasons in the prophetic. We always talk about seasons in the prophetic. I don’t think there are any seasons in the New Testament Christology. I think in New Testament theology, it’s only times.

Jesus is saying, “A time is coming and even now is. An hour is coming and even now is.”

God is working from the present to the future all the time and there is no end to the time of the blessing and the time of the Holy Spirit. At Pentecost, it changed the rules. An outpouring of God into the earth, a wind blowing throughout the earth. It changed the rules and it changed the dynamic of how we interact with the Father. We are in a time of times right now. And so any prophetic word has a time allocated to it, not a season. And God never tells you what the time is. He just says this is a time.

So we’re in a time where God is pouring out His Spirit. It’s not a flash flood. The ancient places that have known times of blessing, that have known anointings, those places are going to rise up. Those places are going to find themselves being filled up with the spirit. There is still breath on things that we think are time’s past but in God’s heart it’s not time’s past. It’s still time because He’s doing an eternal work. Places that knew and lost the previous moves will know a new refreshing and a continuous flow of blessing. Ancient river beds are going to start to fill up again.

And with this new outpouring, the Lord says, “I require a new stewardship. I require that there be no parties in spirit but a partnership of Kingdom minded people. I require a partnership of fathers who will produce new works and develop the sons of Heaven.”

Make no mistake, this move of God is about sonship. It’s not about producing servants. It’s not about being purpose driven or task oriented. It’s about intimacy. It’s about relationship. It’s about the son’s of Heaven being revealed. It’s about fathers and sons in the body of Christ. It’s about people rising up in an area and fathering the whole pre-Christian community into the Kingdom. This city, this region, shall be a portrait of heaven. A visual aid to the lost, a house set on high where God’s glory shall be visible. You are a new poem. The craftsmanship of Heaven that will overcome the religious spirit and join together as a corporate man. Many expression of life, one body in Christ.

“Behold, the water level is rising. And the place of healing is rising with it. MIracles and signs and wonders and the raising of the dead to life. All things are possible in the river of my blessing,” says the Lord. “I’m taking the roof off this house. And I will stand in your midst and sing over you. Worship will increase as glory descends.”

We will come into times where the presence of God will come because Heaven will come to join in with our worship. (Worship examples - rain in building, Acts 13:1, worship just for Him, not about Him touching us only about us touching Him, poor people’s pockets being stuffed with cash, body parts growing only from worshipping God) I think we are in the days where we need to flip our attention away from ‘Lord do something for me’ to ‘Lord let me do something for you’.

I think we are in days and times because we are seriously behind the time of what God wants. We are in a daze right now, that’s not a criticism, that’s an observation. And it’s not a judgement. But everyone of us could put our hand on our heart and say ‘I know I’m behind the time of my development. I should be further on than I am right now.’ No blame, no shame. God doesn’t do that kind of stuff. That’s not the Gospel. No condemnation to any of us. But it means we are in a time frame where God is going to come and actually please Himself. Part of it is because maybe some of our prayers haven’t quite hit it. Some of our prayers are a little too self indulgent. That’s okay but God is going to come and do what He wants to do.

This next move of God is not about us, though it is about us, it’s actually about Him fulfilling His own passion and His own desire. You need to get that in your heart. This next move of God is about God fulfilling His own passion. It’s about God indulging himself. It’s gonna be fun.

He’s taking the roof off this house. And He’s gonna stand in our midst and sing over us. And worship will increase as glory descends. Many people will come to the waters because he is the fountain of life in our midst. Things are going to change in terms of the way in which we position ourselves when we come to a gathering. He’s taking the roof off. He will not deny nor withhold. He will fill this place with blessing.

This is a promise I believe God is making with this house. “I will soak these walls. I will no longer deny myself. I will indulge myself in this place. I will sweep you off your feet. I will romance my Beloved. Because a new intimacy is being released. The longing of my heart for you will be indulged,” says the Lord. “The water level is rising and my passion is rising with it. And I will build my house in this place. I’ll build my throne in this place. I’m going to make this my home. I will smile on you. Sing over you and say yes to all your longings that I have placed within you.”

How many of us realize just in the last few years the longings of our heart have been increasing? How many have felt that? Somethings happening to you in your prayers, it’s almost like you’re trying to convince God of something. And what He’s been doing is God....if He can’t dance up to us, He’ll sneak up on us. He’s been sneaking up on us quietly for quite a while right now. And He’s put longing in our heart that He wants to realize.

And He’s saying, “I give you permission to ask of me. ‘I am’ is with you and permission is granted. I am saying yes to your families, yes to your children, yes to your marriage, yes to your finances, yes to your anointing, yes to your prodigals. Yes to your promotion, yes to your blessing, yes to your upgrade, yes to your inheritance, yes to your dreams. I give you permission to be bold. To ask of me. To cry out for the waste places. And when I answer you it’s because I am saying yes to my own desires and passions that I have placed throughout this region.”

Heaven has come down and great joy is going to be released. You cannot have the presence of the King and not be happy. So those of you that are offended by people laughing in church, get a life. Get a life in Jesus because you’re going to be laughing forever because Heaven is a place of great joy. You can’t have great joy and not laugh. It is a sin to be miserable in church. Listen, there are no Eeyores in Heaven. They all get translated on the way up and become piglet or something. They all become Tiggers. God help us in Heaven.

This is a strength of what I feel in the Father’s heart right now. This is why I emphatically believe there is no place for judgement in this life. Because judgement interferes with mercy. Where mercy should be triumphing over judgement. And judgement interferes with joy and joy is the abiding atmosphere of Heaven. If you want Heaven on earth, you’re going to have to accept the joy that comes with it. All Heaven emptied itself at the birth of Jesus and came down to say we bring you glad tidings of great joy. What they are saying is the Savior has come, Emmanuel is here, joy has been restored to the earth as a way of life. Joy as a lifestyle has been restored to humanity.

(27:44)This is the strength of what I feel in the father’s heart. This shall be like the day of Israel’s release from captivity. This shall be like the day of deliverance from oppression. Where they came out with a high hand of God and loud praise. They came out rejoicing and singing. They came out free. They can receive the wealth of the wicked. A nation of slaves came out with enough money to kickstart their own economy. A new economy was birthed over a nation and they came out rejoicing. It shall be like that day.

It shall be like the day of the rebuilding of the temple. When the presence of God came and no one could stand because the glory was so powerful, everyone fainted under the weight of the presence of the glory of God. It shall be like that day.

It shall be like Pentecost when a mighty rushing wind filled the house and flames of fire came upon everyone. And everyone learned a language which they didn’t know. It shall be like that day. With new signs and wonders and a sense of astonishment.

Because the Lord is saying, ‘It shall be that I will return awe and wonder to my people.” That they will be awestruck by the majesty of God. And everywhere we go, everyone will feel that same sense of awe and wonder. And people will tremble in the presence of God. And we will come into a time when people will walk softly but with great delight. And our enemies will fade away from us because they will not be able to compete with the presence of the One who loves us most and knows us the best.

And the father says, “I am taking the roof off cathedrals and churches, offices and stores, and government buildings. This is an outpouring that is inescapable and changes a city and a state. It’s a day when all opposition will tumble. All walls raised against God will crumble. It shall be as Jericho. Not a judgement on people, but a dismantling of all that the enemy has raised up.”

We will see it. We will pray for it. We will go and surround places where we know the enemy is working. Where we know corruption is. We will go and we will stand and surround it and offer up prayers and the Lord says, “That which is corrupt and rotten in our society will be brought low.”

But we don’t have to be vicious about it. We can just surround those places and laugh. You really think you’re going to stand against the presence of God in this state? Have fun with that one. And the Father says “I will tour this region and pour out springs in the low and the high places. Downpours will come. Basements will flood and the enemy will be flushed out and exposed. There is no hiding place for the corrupt and the wicked because the refreshing will find them out. And the wicked will be changed. The wicked will find God. And the wicked will rejoice with the beloved. The Lord really means business.

And He says, “Even as I’ve shown my light, on a rampaging Saul of Tarsis, so do I make my enemies become my Beloved.” This shall be a city renewed, reformed, and re-splendored.” Father says, “My arms are open wide to gather all into my house. And the wisdom of Heaven will replace the intellect of man. And I will create over you all the things that I long to see as Heaven comes down.” So the father says, “My yes is coming. My yes is coming. My yes is coming. My yes is here now. My yes is here now. My yes is here now.”

Jesus said a time is coming and even now is. In prophetic words, in this next time frame, all prophetic words are going to have a presence now and also a future opening up, but a present opening up as well. Every time you hear a prophetic word, in this next time frame, you’re going to understand that because we are behind the time of our development, because we are in a season a time of divine acceleration, that any prophetic word spoken has an immediate effect now and an ongoing effect as we move into the future. Jesus said ‘A time is coming and even now is’. So we need to lose that thinking that if I get a prophetic word, it’ll be a few years when it comes to pass. It starts to open up five minutes after it was spoken. We’re in that time of prophetic development. Everything about your life therefore is going to somehow have some kind of prophetic dimension.

The Father says, “If you want Heaven on earth, you have to accept the joy and laughter that comes with it.”

It is a time for joy and laughter. Let me tell you this, it is a time for tears to stop flowing. It’s a time to stop crying. It’s a time to stop weeping. It’s a time to stop grieving. It’s a time for sadness to leave us. It’s a time for sorrow and sighing to flee before joy and laughter. Tears shall cease. The broken will be restored. Everything will live where the river flows.

“And you will hear me laughing”, says the Lord, “And the sound of joy will fill the air.” I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the Lord laugh, it is the most powerful sound I’ve ever heard. It is the most profound sound at the effect it has on you.

The Father says, “The high places will be brought low and the low places shall be raised up. Kings shall fall and new kings appear.”

When we talk about kings in a new covenant context, we aren’t talking about kings over nations, we’re talking about kings over businesses. Kings over cities. People in high places. People have high profile in things. People have lots of influence. That’s what kings mean in a new covenant context. Kings is anybody who has authority, or power, or influence in a region or a city or a state or an area of life. Kings.

“Kings shall fall and new kings will appear. My government will come and all authority to rule will be released. And there shall be no sound of mourning. There shall be no sound of grieving. There shall be no sound of crying. There shall be no sound of weeping. There shall be no sign of wailing. But I will lift up the light of my countenance upon you and you will live under my smile. And in this place of permission, ask of me. Ask me for the city. Ask me from the place of dreaming, align yourself with my passion. Resonate with my heart. To all those who long for intimacy, you shall be filled. To those who want power without presence, I will not listen to you. Bow down and make a new alignment with me. Or I shall take what you have built by your own hand and give it to another. The king has come and all rulers must bow. I’m taking the roof off and I am pouring out a blessing that will wash this city clean. The water level is rising. The water level is rising. The water level is rising.”

“And now you must learn to live and walk in abundance. You must learn to give and not waste the fulness I bestow. I have measured you for a blessing that you cannot contain. But you must let it flow out. I have promised myself many things in this state. I will indulge myself and my passion shall be unchecked. I come to fulfill the dream of my heart,” says the Lord, “as I answer the prayers of your heart. I come to fulfill my passion in this place. The water level is rising. The water level, it’s rising. The water level’s rising.” And we must rise with it.

Let’s just wait for a moment (silence)....Can you feel the weight in the room? That’s passion pressing in on us. This is a time when dreams are fulfilled. Longings are realized. Not just your longings of God, but all your longing to be someone. Your longings to break out of this place into something more fulfilling.

This is a time of those of us who are parents who have got longings for our children. This is a time when the Lord is saying, ‘Ask me for your kids’. This is a time for prodigals to be fully restored. Whether it’s prodigal children or prodigal parents, prodigal brothers or sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews, grandparents, this is a time for family lines to be restored because God absolutely adores family. And he sees the broken hearts in this place when it comes to relationships. Father is the best restorer of relationships.

He is saying “Don’t accept that broken heart as being from me. I’m the one that restores all things. I am the Redeemer. Ask me for redemption. Ask me for a spirit of restoration. Ask me for the prodigal. I’ll bring them home. Home not just to you, but home to me. Ask me. Ask me.”

(PRAYER)So, Papa, here we are, now what do we do with ourselves? I want to thank you that there is no longer any business as usual when it comes to church. You can’t hear words like this and just carry on as normal. So I thank you lord for the responses that just need to come in our own hearts in these next few days and weeks.

(Abbreviated: Get a copy of this word, transcribe it. Read through, pray through. Whatever first resonates with you, go for that first. This Word will keep on moving in your heart for a good few years. You get to change your mind about some things. You come into a new heart space with God. You get to have a new language. You get to stand before God differently. You get to lose that defeat and gain a victory. You get to be empowered where you’ve been weak)

(PRAYER CONT’D) So, Father, we say yes to you Lord. We affirm that our intentions shall be as yours. We agree with Heaven. We agree with Heaven. Sweep us off our feet. Let us taste your passion. Build your throne in our hearts. Let us see your passion. Take the roof off. Let the water level rise continuously until we’re overwhelmed by the overflow. Soak these walls in this house. Soak these walls. Father, soak these walls. Let this be a sacred space. Do all that’s on your heart to do because we resonate with you. Do all that’s on your heart to do because we resonate with you. Do all that’s on your heart to do because we resonate with you. Fill this place. Fill our hearts. Fill this place. Fill our hearts. Fill this place and fill our hearts. Let Heaven come down and worship here. Let the sound of Heaven be heard. Do unprecedented things beyond our reasoning and our imagination. Let a certain sound go out across the city and the region and the state. We ask you, indulge yourself, let the rivers flow. Release your permissions. Release your favor. Release your blessing. Release your kind intention. Thank you for this living water. Thank you there is a fountain of life flowing within each of us. A river being outpoured. The water level is rising. We say yes to all that you intend. May our purpose, our desire, and our placement be fully aligned with your indulgence. We say Amen, may it be so. Thank you for measuring us for your blessing. Raise up fathers across the state who will steward this outpouring for the sake of the kingdom and for the greater glory of the Lord Jesus Christ because we ask it in His name, Amen. Amen.

Prophecy from Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone 1/03/10 1st service

There’s greatness in the atmosphere
 Acts. 4, the story of Peter and John, they were preaching Jesus’ resurrection, they were recognized as being with Jesus but they also recognized that they would cause their city to be changed irrevocably. They were threatened and then let go “and they went to their own company”.  Must hold onto continuity of one family. With one voice they said “behold their threats, and grant us more boldness”. When you know your own company they will not be putting restrictions on you, they are ones who will loose the greater part of God on the inside of you to effect regions and territories, whatever influence God has given you. Your own company says, “we’ve got your back”. We might stand in face of adversity and ask for more boldness.

There are not 2 congregations in this house, but a family. A greater sense of mutual encouragement is coming to this house, more than has ever been known since the days of conception. The Lord wants this house to radically worship and serve Him without the fear of what someone else is going to think. The more secure people are, the more risks they take. We can be in love with Jesus and do nothing. His disciples had the internal factor of intimacy because of being around Him but also the external demonstration. Where there is the greatest security there is the greatest manifestation of the power of God. We want to change the atmosphere so that the fear that drives men, that which separate people might be dealt with so that all the people who have different ways of doing things might have the freedom to do it. You must have your own company to do this. “The place where they were gathered was shaken”.  He will shake what can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken may remain.  We don’t get the Kingdom without a company. Need to be connected to a people in order to make destiny happen. If you have your own company that can shake things up and know how to move in unity and authority, you can pull the Kingdom into the now. There is a challenge to not wait for the Kingdom, but to be the Kingdom. Don’t let selves be isolated, find your company by becoming that person for someone else. There is a wooing into relationships that shake Heaven and earth. God has put something into the DNA in this house that can have this. A few willl pull that in, will shake things and pull it in. A commissioning to advance Kingdom through relationships, through shared authority of commitment to one another, to the understanding of being an army released in the earthy, being a family and a team, through understanding covenant in a new way. There is a deliverance right now from self,  isolation, rejection, fear of betrayal, fear of leadership shutting you down, fear of others not wanting what you have.

“The Lord says, surely you have come to an hour where the veil between the realms is getting thinner and thinner, and I am causing your sight to see into places where you haven’t seen before. I don’t want it to be cerebral knowledge, but I want it to bring understanding and comprehension and practical outworking of me in the inside of you. I have not made you to operate in one realm or two realms, but to operate and function like me in different realms. Where some have only prayers for one realm, I am giving you resurrection for your ability to pray into things that you don’t pray into anymore, things you don’t have hope for anymore. I’m giving you the privilege of praying back into your family, not just so that they would survive and live, but I’m giving you a supernatural impartation of fatih so you will believe your families will stand tall and cry out my name in the earth and be a sign post for me in the earth. I am giving you resurrection power so you can be the answer to Kingdom projects and the solutions to injustice within the earth. I want to resurrect you ability to even pray into these things. I’m resurrecting your ability to pray for your spouses not just for ease and good relationship, but that your husbands and wives would rise up to be a great testimony to cause others to see Me and My church. I want to resurrect greatness inside of you. I will challenge that which has sabotaged and comprised. I will challenge that which has undermined the fullness of who I am. There was a day when I had mercy, if you only wanted to see my hand, I let you just see my hand, if you only wanted to see my eyes, I let you see revelation, if you only wanted to feel my heart, I let you feel my compassion. But this day says the Lord I will be seen. I will be seen and it will be an invading force on the inside of you. I will be seen and it will be a terrorizing violence and you will be equipped with the violence that takes the Kingdom with great force. And I will cause you to will be a people who will forever be changed because of your encounters with me. For I am not a God who says, ‘you want a little love, that’s what I’ll give you, want a little forgiveness, I’ll give you that’, I’m going to overtake you with my blessing and goodness at who I am.” I can hear children singing, almost taunting, “here I come, here I come, ready or not, here I come!”.  It’s the voice of God to us.

Sharon Stone 1/03/10 2nd service

God is giving us sight, we have a responsibility to care for others. God will watch over us, and we will watch over one another.  It is time for this house to move in covenant relationships. We must have the ability to encompass the many. Where some have felt isolated, like stragglers, they have felt alone…a fresh season is over this house “I’ve got your back and I’m watching over you.”

Jeff and Becky –  The Lord says, “I know what I am doing with you, you have had advice even from your board and elders that you need to downsize in some financial things and that you need to pull back in areas of outflow. God says ‘no, this is a time of right sizing’. If you operate in the right size there will be provision. Do not look to take steps back but look to progress, for I am bringing forth those who are lean, mean fighting machines who have ability to put their shoulders against limitation, against the gates the hell and push and see things broken open and a way made. I am challenging even what would seem right or what ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be right. The measure mark of what I am doing will never be by the number of people in this house. The Spirit of God says there are a few old roots of that in this house, just grab them and uproot them. It’s not based upon membership. Apostolic kingdom, revival center in the area, I will give you the areas youth and you will not keep them, but you will bless them and minister into their lives, encourage them and use your finances to inspire them and they will go back to their churches and families and the spirit of God says there will be many who are highly effected, but your effectiveness is not measured by the way people think it would be measured. A few years ago, there was an area where a political stance was made from this house and something negative is attached to that. Since then it has been a no go area. I am releasing a spiritual lobbiest voice afresh from this house.” We say “yes” we are political because God is a governor and a law maker and has a standard, yes we are political because we want to live well on the earth and we want to speak for the many. We break that limitation that has been over this house, we lift it off.”

Prophecy from Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker 8/15/08

(Singing) “You are the temple, I’m just hearing the Lord say, ‘Your house is too small, your house is too small, your house is too small.’ He wants to enlarge your house, your hearts too small, your hearts too small, your hearts too small. He wants to enlarge your hearts. You are the house, you are the house, you are the house. What would it be like for the fulness of Christ to dwell in your house? What would it be like for the fulness of Christ to dwell in your house? What would it be like for the fulness of Christ to dwell in your house? Because, because, big hearts, big house, big house...enough for all the children. Enough room for the children to dance. Enough room for the children to play. Enough room for the children to lay down and rest well in the Father’s arms, enough room in the house. God truly is into building. You don’t know that sometimes. You think maybe it’s spiritual, God’s into building. Because He wants a place for His children to come home and play. To come home and be safe. To become safe. I see God just, He really, really wants a bigger house. Here, right here in Tennessee. And He wants His church to have a bigger house. Bigger hearts. Bigger hearts. And this might freak you out, but I hear Him say ‘Bigger minds. Um, Bigger hearts. Bigger house. Bigger minds.’ Uh, I feel like God wants to release, I’m really really praying for the bigger heart of God to be released today for the compassion of God. And I feel like if you would just open your hearts in this yielded state, that you would just yield more today.

There is something that God is going to allow you to see, to fellowship in His suffering, and to fellowship in His joy. And it’s some people would say we are schizophrenic, um or God is schizophrenic, how is it that people can sob their guts out one moment during the soaking time I was just weeping and weeping and weeping and God was just doing all these things in my heart. He was showing me um, He was just showing me more. I was seeing during soaking time as I was just pressing in for the presence I was seeing children under bridges, curled up in balls. I was seeing hunger and starvation and I was hearing the cry of the Father that His children would be safe. And some people might see me there crying and think , you know she is just mentally imbalanced, she’s just, you know she’s just gone through too much or something, you know, God bless her. Um, the fact is that I was weeping for the poor and the broken and the sick. And I was seeing the heart of God just this huge heart of God. And I was seeing the Church in the west. The church in the west and um, I was telling the Dollars in the car last night that there’s some, I wept over the Western Church when I saw her eating blue crumbs. And they were blue crumbs because they were moldy crumbs that I saw the church eating these blue crumbs in the West and I saw that they were hungry and needy. And then I saw the Lord saying “Here too, won’t you love them too.” And I’m seeing today just this heart of God that your house would be bigger, that the children of your nation and your state could come and play and worship and know the love of the Father. Because I’m seeing that there is great isolation in your land. There’s great suffering in your land. There’s great suffering and isolation in your land. And I’m seeing that the, that the solution is literally the presence of God in the house of God. It’s where the people will come and be safe and be healed in the Father’s arms. But it’s true that your house is too small. And it’s true that God is enlarging your hearts today that you would have a heart, not so that you would have a name or fame, but so that the children would have a place to come  and eat and drink because there are many, many, many, many thousands that are living on stale bread, little crumbs and they are living on dirty water and it’s this, the water has been polluted. In my nation it’s in the natural realm, in your nation I’m seeing it in the spiritual realm. I’m seeing, um, children drinking polluted water. And dying of dysentery. I’m seeing children, what I mean by children, are anyone from in the womb to 110. I’m talking about Father’s children and I’m seeing God’s heart for the children. And I believe that God wants you to see His heart for His Children and make room in your house. Make room in your house for the hungry. Make room in your house for the hungry. Make room in you house for the hungry because God wants to multiply fresh bread in this house. God wants to make this house a house of bread. And God wants to call this house the well. Because the well of grace will rise up in this house. The well of grace will rise up in this house and this will come a spring of living water where people from many states around will come to drink. But your house is too small and your hearts are still being enlarged. They will break and be enlarged again. And break and be enlarged again. And even as the the drill goes in to drill the deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, I see a deeper well being drilled. And in our nation when we drill a deep well, we have to bring in the dynamite. We have to explode through the rock. And it’s a whole ‘nother machine that we need to drill through the rock and when it’s a soft sand, and i feel like there is rocky soil in the state because of religion. And so I believe there’s going to have to be dynamite. And I believe that it’s the dynamite of the spirit that’s going to break through the hard stone because there are many people afraid to drink because they have had experiences of drinking polluted water and they have been sick. And so, you have to enlarge your house beloved of God because there’s going to be a well in this place that is going to bring up wells of living water and it’s going to come from the depths of God’s heart from the very springs that flow. From Revelation 22, from the very heart of God. And the heart of God is going to be broken forth in this place. And I see the blood and the water flowing from His heart like a crystal. I see it’s red and clear and I see it just flowing from the very heart of God, from the throne of God.

Um, I haven’t started, this isn’t my message, this is just, uh, but because my eyes are closed I don’t know what you’re doing. It would really really help me if you would just close your eyes and just pray. Just pray. Just pray. Just pray. I will get into the message but I’m just getting this prophetic word for your house and it’s really strong and it’s really strong, it’s really strong and so I’m going to give it to you because I believe that this place has to be a place of fresh water and fresh bread. And I’m saying it again because I’m hearing it again, ‘Your house is too small and your heart’s too small.’ And I’m not saying that in any way to be difficult, I’m just saying that God wants to give you bigger hearts and a bigger house. And He wants to drill deeper and He wants to break through the rock of religion. He wants to break through not the rock Christ Jesus, but the rock of religion. He wants to break through with the dynamite of His Presence. So break in God. Break in God. Then the angel showed me the river. Holy Spirit would you please start wrecking people so I don’t feel so alone in this word. Just wreck them God so that they start getting it in the spirit realm. Go ahead God, wreck the house. Please God, please God, please God. Wreck them Lord, show them God, show them, show them what I’m seeing Lord. Start showing them what I’m seeing God. Please Lord, don’t let it be me. Let them go up and in, up and in, up and in, up and in. Oh come on guys I know it’s Sunday morning, who cares it’s Sunday morning. It’s Sunday morning. It’s Sunday morning. We need to get blasted on Sunday morning. Undone Sunday morning. We need the glory of His love to break through the stone and the river of living water to flow up inside of us.

I’m seeing the water of life as clear as crystal flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city on each side, on each side of the river stood the tree of life bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. So God you showed me a well in this house. Lord you showed me a well. A well of your presence. ‘Deeper, deeper still ‘He says. ‘Go deeper still.’ Some people are saying you’ve gone too deep. You’ve gone too deep. You’ve gone too deep. I hear the murmurs you’ve gone too deep, you’ve gone too far. And the Lord said “Deeper still, deeper still, deeper still, deeper still, deeper still, you’re almost there. Deeper still, you’re almost there. Deeper still, you’re almost there.’ And I see the big dynamite blower machine we have that just blows through the rock that gets into the crustiest places, the deepest places, places of darkness until the river of life flows out into the darkness and explodes with the light of His glory love. The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations. So Lord, as this house becomes a well Lord, as these people become the well, the presence of God flowing in and up through them God, as your presence flows through this house, through these people God, may there be a word go forth, a word go forth that there is water in this house so you can drink of it and be healed. I see people coming from all over to drink in this house and there’s this healing, healing, healing that comes as they drink the water. They drink the water, it’s going to be clear, crystal clear water, of His presence. And it will be without pollution, it will be without pollution. There’s a pollution, I see pollution, pollution, pollution there’s polluted streams around. Polluted, polluted from the thoughts of man and the plan of man and the strategy of man and the systems of man and the Lord wants to bring a clear stream, crystal clear water in this place that would be so pure and so pure, pure, pure, pure. How does the water become pure? Grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace. And His healing. So even now Lord pour out your healing on your people. Arthritis being healed. Bipolar being healed. Blurry vision being healed. Trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma. Trauma in the church, trauma in the church, trauma in the church. Some of you can’t believe you made it to church again. You’re shocked you walked into the building. You’re shocked. I see there’s like five of you that came to church and you can’t even believe. You barely drug yourself in here because you’re like ‘If there’s any gimmicks or any, any crud, I’m going to leave and this is it. I’ll never be back.’ And um, you’ve just come in. You’ve come in as this last stitch effort because you’ve been traumatized in the church and the Lord is healing your heart. Healing your heart. I mean the church at large, I’m not saying this church necessarily, I’m saying the church at large. There’s been trauma. Like the trauma of religion and the trauma of lack of grace. And the trauma of things that have just messed on your mind. And God has just coming with healing strength from you. I’m seeing Him healing on knees, knees, knees, knees, knees. I’m seeing people bending their knees before the Lord. Um, um, people that had trouble praying and getting into the presence just starting to move in the presence and just bending their knees in the physical and the spiritual realm.

I keep hearing the word red, red, red red. Red red red robin. Red robin. So come Lord come Lord come Lord. Is there a place Red Robin or something. Is there a red river? Ah, red river and red robin. Well, let the river of life flow in those places. I feel like there’s going to be a healing breaking out there. Red river, red robin. There’s going to be like supernatural healing. Um, and the revelation rivers, red and clear at the same time is hard to understand but when you see in the spirit you can see it.
And then says, “The throne of God in the land will be in the city and the servants will serve Him. The servants will serve Him. The servants will serve Him. And they will see His face. And His name will be on their foreheads. His name, His name, His name.” So Lord, put your name on their foreheads. Lord, put your name. The name you have for each one on their foreheads today God.

“Red River and Red Robin….
I believe there’s going to be young people coming out of this house going into restaurants and carrying random acts of lovingkindness.
Restaurants, God is going to be rocking people in restaurants.
Young people, especially young people…what happened at Bethel, there is a connection where you will be moving in random acts of lovingkindess, prophesying over waitresses with non-judgment and boldness.
There is a culture coming out of this house, you are going to be known all over as those who love random acts of lovingkindess. It will be the culture of this house.
There is a sea of radical lovers going out to the streets, going out to the streets and malls, buying clothes and you start prophesying to the people.
A culture is rising up out of this house that will rock this city. You will not just be a house or a sweet little church, but a culture shift, a rock shift, a shift in the rock, that’s why there needs to be dynamite, because there’s a shift in the rock that’s going to take place. This house is not meant just to be a house, but it will be a home where people come. You will go out and get them and bring them to the house of the Father.
Creativity, creativity, creativity, creativity, creativity, there will be radical creativity flowing through this house and people will say, ‘I can be who I am’. You will think of new ideas, ways of communicating that people have never seen before. It’s like music and sound that has and is creative sound, radical creativity, creativity flowing through clothing lines, jewelry lines, fashion, advertising and medicine. All over, God is releasing creativity in this house. There’s stuff happening in this house that will blow your mind. The city will hear about this house. The city will hear about the people of love, and people will talk about the people who love, the people who care, the people who give and who walk the walk of Christ, fullness of Christ in the malls, the streets, the universities, hospitals, in the K-Mart, the WalMart, God’s doing it, I’m seeing it and it’s happening”

Prophecies from 2003

Because there’s something here that are open heavens over this place. God is about to do something, something extraordinary.

There’s an angel called Presence. There’s an angelic presence. Actually the angel of the Lord and you know the angel of His presence. And when I see this angel, I know that it is a visitation in the spirit. The Lord said I’m going to release that. There’s an invitation into a season of extended visitation where even the Lord Himself is going to begin to come and some of you are going to come under this blanket of the the intense presence, weeks, months, days and it’s really going to be like Joshua remain in thetent. The Lord said just prophesy on that to the people and invite them into a season of visitation. And so I just wanted to declare to you prophetically that there is something of the angel of His presence.

There is a real anointing of like quality in the area of maturity for those that are here already. And a great company of prophetic gifting and business and established families. There’s a spirit of family and the Lord’s going to begin to bring you’re welcome to those that are broken and in solitary, He’s going to set them into families. And He’s really placed a call for you on that. There’s going to be ones that come and not only are they going to be raised up in the things of ministry and restored. I’m talking bums, drug addicts, alcoholics, people broken, pastors that have fallen into sin, they’ve been out of the ministry for years and different ministries that just need some time for refreshing, soaking, a real pull, a real center for that but there’s also going to come ones an anointing for business and an anointing for wealth and an anointing for prosperity. He’s going to come on them. And there’s ones that are going to be trained in release, in what the Holy Spirit is releasing today and in business and in wealth because of their association, environment influence and association and as they rub up against the glory and gold call that God has placed upon you and your church,

One thing that I saw for you pastor again, your wife, your ministry, the anointing, the church that Galatians 6:1, the Lord just spoke that to me about the ministry here.  Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in that spirit of gentleness;” and I feel like there is going to be an anointing of restoration and for those who are broken. And they are going to come even pastors and leaders, people burned out in ministry, they are going to come for restoration. There’s going to be a ministry, an anointing here on the team to restore one, to restore ones. And you’re going to be a bridge of hope, a bridge of peace for leadership. And there’s going to be leaders that trust that come. Elders and leaders in this city and pastors that trust, that come for counsel. There’s going to be a mighty spirit of anointing of counsel not aon you but on the house. And there’s going to be a team of prophetic counsel. And eldership, a team, of leadership restoration and restore. And there’s going to be ones that are tired and burnt out that are going to rest a while. But you’re going to be a bridge of hope and a bridge of peace. The Lord is going to give you that bridge right into the relationships of those like leaders and pastors. Even in the city, there is coming an increase of favor and what you model tonight is really a prophetic picture of who you are and what you’re coming into in a whole new way, in Jesus name. So I wanted to release that to you....

The King is in the house. And from the moment that I first walked into this church, and this is actually not my first time here, I had the honor of being invited to minister to a group of the ladies ministry a few months ago and I walked into the hallways and there was a sense, number one of liberty. And where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. There is liberty. And there was an educational anointing. And I asked the Lord, “what is the education of this church?” And He said, “To equip the saints for works of service”

But you guys, you guys have a new name. Your name is catalyst. You’re going to help bring breakthrough by unifying with some unlikely people. Not of your own background, not of your own move of the spirit. As you’ve experienced breakout in recent years, there are many others who are still in that caterpillar stage and they are not aware of what their destiny is. Of what their life is to become. It’s going to require you to have enormous compassion for their potential. They may be slow, they may not have sight, they may be jealous of you or see you strange, because you’ve changed into something else. But I believe it’s God’s heart that the church of Christ, the Baptist churches become what God wants them to become. There are more disenfranchised Christians in Williamson County in church than there are out of church. That’s why I wanted to talk about rejection this morning because you also are going to be reconcilers.

I pray for full display of power in this house. That you’d raise of a people that are unashamed of the raw power of God. Unashamed, unashamed for the power that sets free. Unashamed of the name above every other name. Unashamed. God our cry is that we would get out of the way and that you would do things that are beyond things we could pray for or ever imagine. I pray that that would happen in this house. Cause this house to explode with demonstrations of purity and power. I pray in Jesus name that there would be a birthing of something new. Lord I pray that the Habakkuk pastors of the lighting of heaven would come out of these hands. LIghtnings of heaven from these hands I pray in Jesus name. The lightnings of heaven from these hands.....Lord I pray that that lightning would go forth, that a heavenly invasion would go forth from this house and shake a region under the nations in Jesus name. We commission them to this task. To this privilege, in the name of the Lord. Now Father I pray for a release of an angelic hosting for it went to the assignment and I ask now for the revelation for what travels with them.