Revive FAQs

What can I expect at a Revive personal ministry appointment?

A two or three person team will minister to you in a gentle, friendly, confidential and relaxed atmosphere for approximately two hours. A personal ministry appointment is not professional counseling, rather the Revive ministry team are trusted volunteers who are well-trained in inner healing and deliverance prayer. Every appointment is different because in each session the team relies on the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

An appointment typically includes these elements:

  •  An interview process to discuss your current struggles
  • A prayerful search to find the root of your emotional pain and remove it
  • Prayers to receive God’s truth
  • Blessing and encouragement in what God intended for you

How long will it take to be contacted about my appointment?

Applicants are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be aware that due to the number of applicants, there could be a three month wait before you are contacted to schedule your session. We trust God that His timing is perfect. 

Do I have to be a member of Grace Center for a personal ministry appointment?

We are currently offering personal ministry appointments to Grace Center members only. However, Revive Healing Workshops are open to members and non-members of Grace Center.

How much does the appointment cost?

There is no charge for your appointment, however you will have an opportunity to give an offering before your session.

How can i serve within the revive ministry?

If you would like to be a member of either the prayer team or the inner healing team, the process is deliberate because our core value is to be a safe place for people to receive from the Lord. Therefore, we ask that before you apply to serve that you are a member of Grace Center, have completed Life School One and have attended an Encounter Weekend, as well as completed the appropriate training. You may attend a training while you are in the process of completing the other requirements.

Do you offer training in personal inner healing ministry?

Yes, we offer an inner healing and deliverance training event once a year at Grace Center. In addition, our team is available to travel and train other ministries. If you would like more information, please email