Art Exhibition "Enveloped" Featuring Silvia Ilona Klatt

Silvia Klatt.jpg

Our Worship & Creative Arts Department hosts seasonal art exhibits highlighting and celebrating Grace Center’s visual artists and their work. Join us as we partner with God in cultivating community around the arts and encouraging creativity within our community. You are invited to view our current exhibition, Enveloped, featuring artist Silvia Ilona Klatt, in Grace Cafe.

About the Collection


For me God is ultimate beauty and the quest for beauty is one for God and can only be found there, in the master creator, as He is the one who gave it definition. It’s mysterious, yet so straight forward.

I am fascinated by how He made light work and play and how we perceive the world around us. There are so many more layers to one thing. I love the colour plays depending on which time of the day it is. That is why I love painting plein air, which means in the open air. I created all the small works outside on the spot. Often I have to be quick to catch the fleeting light and ever changing scene.

-Silvia Klatt

About the Artist

Growing up on a farm in North Germany I chased winds and clouds and developed a feeling for the arts at an early age which correlated with a deep longing for God in my heart.

After years in ministry and international missions, I packed my bags again and moved south to Florence, Italy, to study at a classical art academy. I love trying to see beauty in all things and to catch moments and colours with the brush. My style can be described as impressionistic realism and I use a quick brushstroke to create most of my works on the spot, be it plein air or in the studio with a model.

I am currently here in Franklin to attend SOSL, now round two. When I’m not there, I paint and am planning to see as much of the States as possible.