"Learning to Fly" on View in Grace Cafe!


Our Worship & Creative Arts Department is hosting seasonal art exhibits highlighting and celebrating Grace Center’s visual artists and their work. Join us as we partner with God in cultivating community around the arts and encouraging creativity within our community.

You are invited to our exhibition, Learning to Fly, featuring artist Ilana Poole, which will run through October in Grace Cafe.

Learning to Fly


"The learning to fly collection is made up of three pieces, the nest, the try, and the flight. This idea was born out of hearing a friend talk about how she and her son witnessed a mama bird teaching a baby bird how to fly. I curiously researched that process and realized it is very similar to the stages I've felt the Lord bringing me through in this past season. This collection is my visual representation of the way the Father brings us close and teaches us who we are in His house. He allows us to be exactly in the stage we are in, totally dependent on His care. He then draws us out, little by little, and teaches us that it's okay to try and that it's okay to fall down. He will be there helping us up again along the way, smiling the whole time. And then, eventually, we fly with Him. The things that felt difficult once, become second nature and we are more and more like Him as we go and grow. I think this sweet process happens over and over as He teaches us to fly in every season of life."

- Ilana Poole

About the Artist


Florida native turned Nashville resident, Ilana Poole is an abstract artist known for her paintings full of color and movement. She fell in love with art and design at a young age through the experience of growing up in a family of creatives. Ilana finds inspiration in nature of all kinds, especially coastal regions, it is where she feels most alive. She spent most of her life near the ocean and her work is informed by the color and movement of water, the bright colors of the beach town where she was born, and the way sunlight makes everything it touches into something beautiful. She considers art making to be part of her identity as a daughter of God, creative because He is.

Calling All Artists!

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