Children's Ministry Will Join Us for Worship on July 31!

CM Worship.png

We are excited to announce that our children ages 2 years-6th grade will be joining us in the main service for worship on the last Sunday of this month, July 31, and every time a month has a fifth Sunday. Here's what you need to know!

  • Infant classes will run as scheduled, so if your kids are in those classes, drop them off before worship as usual. 
  • If your kids are 2+, check them in to their usual classrooms before worship, where they will receive a cool wrist band that will shows us they've been checked in! Then bring your kids to worship with you. 
  • After worship, parents of 2-3 year olds will walk their children back to their classes, and all other children will be dismissed to walk back to their classrooms with their teachers.
  • If you do not check your child in before worship begins, you will need to walk down to their classroom to check them in after worship has ended.
  • The children's check-out process will work as it would on a typical Sunday.

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