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"New Saints" Exhibition Featuring Silvia Ilona Klatt

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Our Worship & Creative Arts Department hosts seasonal art exhibits highlighting and celebrating Grace Center’s visual artists and their work. Join us as we partner with God in cultivating community around the arts and encouraging creativity within our community. You are invited to view our current exhibition, New Saints, featuring artist Silvia Ilona Klatt.

About the Collection

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New Saints is a series of works to honor God’s marvelous transformation in those He calls His children. All in process, yet in the mess already called saints. Still in the dark, but purchased and made righteous. Red as blood yet white as snow. Any darkness is still light to Him. Nothing we have ever done—it’s always been Him and Him crucified and glorified—that calls us up to higher places; from glory to glory. Maybe the most marvelous and hardest miracle to believe—you are sanctified, made new.

About the Artist

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Silvia Ilona is a classically trained artist in the Russian school of painting. She studied in Florence, Italy at the Florence Classical Art Academy.

Originally from the shores of north Germany, she grew up on farmland, chasing winds and clouds and climbing trees. Always a creative drawn to beautiful things, it still took time for her to realize that being an artist is the essence of herself.

Her training took her first to volunteer work in youth and young adult ministry within Christian organizations, traveling the four corners and working in international cross-cultural settings. She found that she loves combining traveling and painting.

After living and working for five years in a creative Christian community on the Norwegian West coast she finally packed her bags and moved South to study art. Florence was an amazing eye opening experience. Formerly a self-taught artist, she realized her own limitations and found that putting herself under excellent teachers stretched and challenged her artistic growth.

Mostly inspired by people and their stories, or skies and waters, her approach is a free and fast brushstroke that resembles impressionistic realism.

Calling All Artists!

We are accepting submissions for future solo and group curated exhibitions! If you would like your work to be considered for our 2019 lineup of exhibitions please click the button below to fill out our submission form.