Prophecy from Dick Joyce

Dick Joyce 5/1/16

I speak fullness of the blessing of the Lord on this house. I speak the word that marriages that are on the point of disintegration would be healed in the name of Jesus. Marriages that are already strong and solid would be even more solidified and unified. I speak the homes of this congregation would become embassies of the kingdom of God. I speak that as embassies in the natural, natural national embassies have the right to issue visas so that people can go to their country. God, these people are going to be able to issue visas to enter the kingdom of God. I speak that the embassies of the Kingdom of God through this congregation will be all around this region. 

I speak in the name of Jesus that the unemployment rate of this church will be zero. Anybody that wants to work will work. I speak the doors will open. I speak favor. Those that are already working, their bosses, their employer (if they aren’t employers themselves), their employers, their supervisors will look and say “Wow, I am blessed to have him. I’m blessed to have her as part of my staff.”

And I speak that there will be raises and promotions and that there will be generosity as we spoke in the confession this morning, there will be a spirit of generosity upon these people to expand the kingdom of God. 

I speak the word, the blessing of the Lord, this house will be a house of deliverance. This house will be a house of salvation. And I want to speak over this house a harvest of souls. Not just burned over people from other churches coming to this place. Not just burned out Christians who are discouraged with their own churches, but Lord, raw recruits. We speak the word of raw recruits. And my God let the harvest be great. Let the harvest be great. So great that this auditorium would be inadequate in order to house what You’re going to be doing in this place.

Father, bring the wounded. 

Pastor, as David was rejected by the authorities that be but went to the Cave of Adullum, he went to that cave and the debtors, the distressed and the discontent came to him and he formed a great army around them. So God is going to begin to bring unsaved people to this place that are in debt...not only in debt financially, just emotionally indebted...that are distressed, disheartened, discouraged and there will be a wisdom upon this pastor and a wisdom upon this house to put people back together again. 

This is a really weird word...I’ve had it a few times...great prophesy...Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again. But Jesus could. I see broken people like scrambled eggs coming to this place. God’s going to give this house the ability to put lives back together. The Rolls Royce crowd isn’t going to pull on to this parking lot. I mean, a few of them might but not in great numbers. The people that God is going to call to this place are people that are in bondage and addictions, slaves but this house will put people back together again.