Prophecy from Ken Peters

Ken Peters 4/28/12

The Lord is accelerating the life of this church. My wife saw your pastor scraping the ground, clawing at the ground, to dig the wells of the Living Water. And the Lord says, “Certainly I’ve come to visit this place, not because I love this place more than the other places in this region, but because you’ve created a safe place for Me. And the Spirit of the Lord says ”Jesus feels welcome here. And he comes at times and visits here without you seeing him with your earthly eyes. But He feels safe here, and He feels secure among his own brethren." And the Spirit of the Lord says, “Know this my people, that certainly this house is about to become a house that will never be reckoned with – it will not be a house that will be challenged by the demonic ever again. It will be a place of ultimate victory. And the Lord says “Though you sit among hills, I’m going to raise a tent of healing in this place. And this tent will be seen for many hundreds of miles. As your state touches many states around it in a circumference, this tent of healing will stretch out and touch all those states around you in the first three years. And then you will touch twenty states around you and then you’ll be known as one of the circumference rings that many prophetic voices have seen over the years that interlink across this nation and you will be an end time refuge house for Me.”

And the Lord says, “I take serious note of the people of this congregation. This is My Bethany; this is My Bethany, says the Lord. And this is where I find my Lazarus, and my Martha, and my Mary - those that I can recline with, those that I can sit with, those that I can enjoy fellowship with and truly empower with my greatness. There will be a wrath of jealousy that will rise up, but I will extinguish it for you, and I will distinguish who you are among who’s who. And the Lord says, “Many.” Son as you lead this place – daughter, as you lead this place - you must think bigger; you must think much bigger than this room, because I have a hungry people in the Baptist church. I have a hungry people in the Presbyterian church. And I will visit them. But there will be those among those churches, and the Methodists, that won’t let me stay. And because of that, I’m gonna open the gate to the sheepfold, and I’m gonna bring many sheep that come from other places because they need pasture and because they need shepherds. I’m dropping on this church today the umbrella of the apostolic anointing for signs and unusual wonders. You people that pray, you people that believe, you people of great faith, step into this. Don’t be afraid because it will be not only those reckoned by titles and positions that are given by my kingdom, but those who are earthly workers as well.  For certainly, the trash man, the plumber, the carpenter, the electrician, the librarian, will do the works of God in this place. And the Lord says you will become a name of fame, but it will be Glory for my Name and fame. There will begin to be many brought here, even in the Spirit of the old times, like in ambulances, wheelchairs, upon stretchers and gurneys on their last leg. For the Lord says, on their last leg will be given Life here and Hope. Don’t look down your noses, my people, for I’ll bring many here that don’t look like you or act like you. Some of them will be bound in alcoholism; some of them will be bound in drug addictions; some of them will be bound in pornography and alternate lifestyles. But I want you to liberate them because I’ve given you the Key of David. This church has the key of David and the Spirit says I’m going to launch your worship here to the next level and God says you’re going to begin to connect with Great Britain in tremendous ways, and you’re even going to teach Chinese people how to worship God in Spirit and truth.

Behold an open door is before you. It’s your time to walk through. It’s not your time to think about the sorrow of yesterday, for I’ve wrenched that away. I’ve taken it away from the midst of you. Know this: you are no longer a people of reproach in my region. This is My state. And though others of the faith look down on you because of your unusualness and your fullness of the Spirit, the Lord says, stand erect in your humility. For the Lord says, I’m about to bring down the Pharisees of the region and I’m about to exalt the humble of my household. Be of good cheer, be of good cheer; I’ve placed my stamp of approval, and this is the set time to favor my Stones here. This is your set time, says the Lord. Embrace the new that I bring to you. Please, please, my people, do not emulate others, other great ministries, other people that have done great things because you take away from Me my creativity that I have for you here. Embrace what I’ve made you to be and let it begin to explode from this place.

I am now unlocking the gates of provision for the vision that I’ve given to this house. I will raise up people that are ordinary to become wealthy people for the glory of my name. And everyday saints will now begin to experience an abundance of provision. I am Lord over this recession. If you will take a seven day fast of solemn assembly you will break it off your state, you will break it off your state, and the blessing of God will come. And new enterprise will be developed in this region. And this city of Nashville and Franklin – the connectors, all the connectors nearby will explode with new growth and prosperity for my people. It’s no longer prosperity to lavish good things upon yourself only, but it’s to build my kingdom and to take care of the poor. If you will marry yourself to the heart of the poor I will lavish my provision upon you. Never – those that have been here since the beginning – do not despise the day of small beginnings. For soon - in three years - you will look back and this place would seem as a small beginning to you in your eyes. For what I shall do shall be global-impacting. I’m not doing this so that everybody can have a great name. I’m not doing it so you can have the finest equipment inside. I’m doing it because you’ve brought me a safe place to dwell in."