Prophecy from Lois Gott

Lois Gott 10/28/12

We pray a blessing upon this wonderful church. We pray God, that we will just know a bubbling up of miracles of healing of deliverance. Lord we pray that those that are tormented with mental illness, with depression, they will come here and in an instant they will find freedom and wholeness of mind.

We pray that those that are actually on their deathbeds, just as with Wigglesworth, were laid there, they will be healed within a minute. God we pray right now we pray from the well of healing deep through the generations in Suderland...Lord we pray that that well, from that well, will be unstopped a river of healing power. And Lord not for man’s glory. I pray Lord that the spirit of the anointed amateur, that loves you with all their hearts and dances before the King of Kings will never become a professional with the glory carried on a cart. But that God you would live in this house and the desperate and the needy and the sick will come and touch you. We bless the leadership. We bless their hearts, every single one of them. We bless this new baby that’s going to be born. A sign of a new thing. And we pray God that you will multiply them in every area of their lives.