Prophecy from David Wagner

David Wagner 12/12/11

Season of the suddenly; days of delay and disappointment coming to an end; moment you’ve been waiting for is here

Everything you need today is at hand, within your reach

This place is anointed as an Antioch; place to be trained up and launched out; apostolic training center; distribution center for the Kingdom of God

Cure for Dysfunction in the Earth (Dysfunctions: unfathered, uncorrected, unfruitful, unhealed, and untaught)

Anointing of Elijah on this house: GC anointed to turn hearts; restorative anointing where people leave the dysfunctional and step into the functional

School of Prophets will be here and will tell you what God is saying; true prophets will do it with love and not harshness

Things are not corrected because we've had profits for profit.  The word of the Lord does come to correct as well.  

True prophets are rising up.  Releasing of the prophetic mandate.

Ordained to heal church wounds.  Heals the prophetic where people have been used and abused.  “Healing the hope of calling”

How do you know the one who is called?  Rejection
  -  show me one who has been rejected and he is the one who is called
it was good enough for Jesus...the stone the builders rejected

God is accelerating you beyond where you thought you could be. Not just catching you up, but accelerating you by three years (healed in your calling, healed in your church wounds)

Birthplace of miracles
  - welcome to Labor and Delivery written over the doors

An epicenter of hope and healing
   - the vibration of the move of the spirit.  
   - public schools are opening to you

Davidic anointing....worshipped and forerunner. Prophets. Voice in the wilderness.  As priests to minister to my people and to me. Abandon the traditions of church.
18-35 yr olds....catalyst anointing. The missing generation is here. People feel safe. place and a dangerous place all at once.  Safe to encounter the spirit of God, dangerous for the enemy.

Season of shift here....Shift Happens.  

Fortress for families.  Unusual anointing for reconciliation on families.

Prophetic Outpost...people come and get supplies for building.  Release the building blocks for the next phase of expansion. vision: trucks coming to and fro with building material

Place of refuge...fiery darts aimed at GC on purpose. Jewish people coming in. A place of refuge for them to receive and be hidden for a season.  I'd is moving us into a season that is an Eph 3:30 time...he is getting ready to do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine.

You pray your biggest prayer or dream and I’m beyond that.  I'm giving permission and access to go above and beyond. Season of above and beyond to launch into new realms of destiny and purpose.

From diapers to destiny.

Season of up up and away. Causing you to soar where you’ve never soared before. Come up here. Rise up to where I am.  Leave the valley of decision to the mountain of change.

Momentum begins at the mountain. Place of revelation and impartation.

Isaiah 60 anointing (Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has come). Commissioned you to carry his glory. He has been forming the containers (character) through testings.

Carriers of His presence and protectors. Davidic anointing to be prophets, His voice. Prophetic dimension to DNA.

Priests to minister to Him and people. Church without walls. Spill out in the community.

Season of planting, even of other churches regionally. Open things in N, S, E, W. He will open up the strategy to start 10 churches in next 5 years. A move in the SE. 300 mile radius of influence. Stir up the old. Exposure came before the expansion. Exposure of motives. Now expanding the capacity of your heart and calling.

Build what has never been built before. Do what has never been done before.

Release many to you...the scattered. Pastors kids will come and have a place of refuge. People that said they will never be a part of church will come and have roots in this place. Callings will be healed. Identities restored.  Those will come and land for a season and I'll launch you again.

Ask for the hard cases, and I’ll do them for you. Invitation to invade the impossible.

Portal of provision. Angels of generosity with big baskets and running shoes to gather what you need to fulfill the promise.

Harvest reapers. Sons and daughters come from afar. Zacchaeus: unlocking the generation.

Three generational move out of Grace Center: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God won’t pass one by to get to another.

In next year, establishing government of God. Cause America to come to a turning point. As it goes with the church, so it goes with the nation. Sleepers must awake.

Are there anymore out there like us? There are still yet 7000! They will come to you. I am sending the multitudes because you were willing to go after the one.

I am releasing the increase of my favor on you.

In the next year:
Redemption. Household salvation. Redeeming people, time, circumstance, and situation.  
Restoration. Acts 3; repent so that times of refreshing may come. Jesus is coming to His church before He comes for His church.

Ten month window of opportunity that He is strategizing to advance and go forth. No longer shall you retreat and wait. This is a season for invading the impossible. Possessing what was promised you all along. The moment you’ve been waiting for isn’t coming, but it’s here. Your time has come. Bringing you into a time of refreshing.

He is lining the prophetic words of this place up like dominoes and knocking them one into another.

Season of fulfillment and completion.  Also a time of birthing. Breathing on those that we think are beyond repair. (Isaiah 58 anointing: repairers of the breach)

Evicting demonic dynasties from Nashville, Franklin, TN, middle region of US.
He is going to breathe like never before in old south. Release a spiritual movement like that can not be slowed down. Breaking people out of their boxes. Pouring out His spirit on all flesh. (Acts 2:17)

Multi generational, multi denominational movement like never before.

Ready or not, here I come!

A wind of worship.  In the spring there will come unusual winds. 45 mile hour wind. It's just the wind of refreshing I'm releasing over the land.  You've been through the trials but now I'm going to do what I promised. So watch!

Season of encounters: Prophetic encounters, power encounters, provision encounters, angelic encounters.  

Angels greater than our national debt....divided by every person on the earth, you have 150,000 angels assigned to your life

Tell you the truth...greater works you shall do.  Not just baptizing us into tongues or slain in the spirit, but greater works of Jesus....about to encounter the works of God in action.  

This winter, a blanket of love that covers the land. God wants to express his heart like never before. About to encounter the creator like never before

2012 is the year for the creative and the creator.

About to encounter El Shaddai (from El Elohim: creator, creating and Shaddai: many blessing one)...if you need something, and He doesn’t have it, He will create it just for you.

This place will be an Art studio....where prophetic artists can express themselves


Releasing to the body of Christ the Key of C

1. COMMAND: God is delegating that kind of authority to you

   A.  OBEDIENCE: Absolute obedience. Deut...God is speaking big promises that hinge on obedience.  Disobedience release curses. Break the curse by your obedience.  Obedience Blvd.

Fear of the Lord is being restored to the Earth. Absolute obedience no matter the cost. Doing what God says without asking questions.  When you have the word of the Lord forget the opinion of man.  Ex) Moses. God told him what to do. But he consulted the people. They said send in 12 spies. People moved with the crowd instead of the cloud.  Stop getting 2nd opinions.
   - Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (permission).
   - He is giving you permission. Stop waiting for the 2nd opinion!
   - Show me what's on the other side of my obedience

    B.  POWER: Where the word or command is there is power.  Ecc. 8:4
    - Your miracle is in your mouth.  Amos 3: 7-8 ....He releases it through our mouths
    - Gen.1: He spoke and created. When you speak it releases God to create
    - MY word in YOUR mouth has the same power as MY word in MY mouth!
    - Become prophetic voices to your own life
    - He is breaking the doubt inside of you for your ability to hear. Opening ears, eyes and mouth to fulfill it
    - Don't underestimate the power of a prophetic word.  
    - He spoke my destiny into being
    - God put hungry people in my path;  if you give us something to speak I will
   - The days of flipping around the prophetic like its other are coming to an end
   - The tongue has the power of death and life...whether you choose to speak or not ; we are called to be the voice of the Lord, no matter if it’s convenient or uncomfortable
    - refuse to be silent when others are going to hell

     C. LOVE:  Matthew 22:37; you will never win what you do not love...till you love your country, your brother, your'll never win what you don't love.
   - This is wrong phrase:  we love you but we hate the sin.    They never hear the love part....just the hate part
  - you won't hug him because you won't love him like I do....afraid you get what he has, or

2.  COMMIT: we don't accept applications...only commitments
   - commitment will keep you even when feelings fade
   - its not how you start but ow you finish
   - any type of correction was rejection

3.  CONNECT: 2 Tim 2:1: Holy Spirit - stay in a steady stream. Stay connected to your source of power
   - He is releasing relevant, real ministry.  
   - It’s easy to go in autopilot
   - Religion is what you're left with after the spirit leaves the building (Bono)
   - Stay connected to one another - We get wounded and isolated. The enemy comes in and destroys
   - Our first instinct is to pull back. Get rid of isolations, offenses, unbelief.  
   - Unbelief is not a lack of faith but believing something other than what God said
   - Get rid of unforgiveness...cancer
   - The elephants...all connected. No gaps where the enemy can get in

4. CONQUER: Rom. 8:28 You’re more than conquerors because the conquering King lives on the inside of you.  
   - Whatever is holding you back, deal with it. Anointing of confrontation coming to GC.
   - What you don't confront becomes your culture
   - Confront sin, deal with it.  Don't pet sin, deal with it.
Anointing of Caleb in this room....when he was in his 80’s he was stronger than ever....he saw the giants. But dealt with generational issues and timing, and conquered.

Nothing is going to be held back from you because nothing is going to be held back from Him. Something is shifting and stirring.

Today God is getting ready to launch you. He is not winding things down but winding things up. Launching into destiny. Year of light of God in the earth.

Never find ACCIDENT or COINCIDENCE in the Bible.

Word to the body of Christ and to Grace Center and also a personal word. God is going to launch you into a new realm.