Prophecy from Shawn Bolz

Shawn Bolz 10/9/11

This is the land of blending, it’s the true melting pot, Nashville. And I feel like the Lord has been building something and pioneering something for you that you’re about to leave the pioneering phase and you’re about to come into a settling and reaping phase of what you’ve been pioneering. And I feel like the energy you do pioneering with is different than the energy you reap with. And I saw this over one of the people in a different way here and the Lord said this is also a word for the church and I was like ‘Wow’ so they’re about to enter in, it’s like a tipping point where the joy that you’re about to have, the joy you’re about to have and the work you’re doing. And the strategy for structure will be so different because it’ll be in the midst of reaping instead of in the midst of planting and plowing and all these things.

And I felt like the Lord showed me that you guys are going to represent reapers in this body who reap what they haven’t sown in this region. And that there’s about to be a number of people in this room and in this church that pop into their greater calling either financially or entertainment industry wise or ministry wise, you’ll pop into your greater calling. Even some of you who are like itinerant ministers are going to pop into a greater over the next 18 months that’s going to cause segments of what God’s doing here to go forward in radical speed. I saw an acceleration and I feel like there’s been a calm before this all breaks out. I feel like there’s been a season of not necessarily peace, but a quiet before this all breaks out. But I feel like all heaven’s about to break lose. All heaven is about to break lose. And it’s going to happen because individuals are about to have personal breakthrough and I feel like you guys need to practice saying something and it’s ‘Your breakthrough’s my breakthrough’. I feel like many of you are going to have breakthroughs and then other people need to see that God is no respecter of persons and He has no favorite, uh favorite, no he doesn’t have any favorites. And so I feel like some of you need to see as you hear good stories, whether it’s the same industry you’re in or the same ministry you’re in or whatever, as you hear good stories that you go me too.

And i know like, um, I know like there’s something that’s being shifted for Grace Center to be. I said it this morning a Daniel influence on the region to influence influencers in the region. And i feel like it’s no longer going to be just a by product of what you’re doing but a prioritized focus to influence the region with the Kingdom of God to be a great source of blessing and resource to the region.

And I saw a hub or a rallying point for many things here over this people and it wasn’t just over the church, I felt like the Lord is really going to give you seven mountaintop theology. I just really, He’s really going to give you an ability to influence people outside and I feel like there’s been such a ministry focus for so long that, and it’s been good, because it’s built something but there’s about to be an exporting into the world of what God’s doing. And I feel like He’s going to send in prophets of the secular entertainment industry, the secular business industry and I saw prophets who are also consultants that have will come along side and show you how to build out into the segments so you’re next season won’t be the prophets that build the church, it’s gonna be the prophets that build the industries of the world. And it’s gonna blow you away, the quality of people who come and who the Lord calls as prophets to these areas.

And I saw like, um, a great shifting of mindsets happening all in like one ten, twelve month period where almost everybody here who’s been in a ministry mindset, or in a church building mindset which has been good, this is not negative, but is gonna start to see outward. It’s like you built something inward and now it’s time to bring people to it and go out from it. And I feel like the Lord is saying there’s a “go” anointing. A sending anointing where it’s been an introverted focus in a good way to just build something. It’s now going to be an extroverted focus to go and there’s about to be, I’m telling you, a great export. A great export. And I’m really encouraged by it because I feel like, um, people have been waiting for you to be this and haven’t been patient for you. So there’s even been some judgement against GC because they’re like ‘Why aren’t you that yet?’ And it takes time to develop good wine. It just does. But man when it’s ready to drink it’s a good thing isn’t it? It’s a good thing. So the Lord’s had patience with you and He loves your process even if a lot of people misunderstood it but when it’s time, then it’s a beautiful thing.

So I believe, you can take this for what it’s worth, but I believe this season is your transition into a move of God, a real move of God. And it’s not necessarily the ‘Hooo’, you know like I manifest like a million times so I’m not making fun of manifesters, but it’s not necessarily like an intense, you know like renewal, but it’s a move of God where you get placed in society and you start to celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and you start to celebrate what God’s doing to export you and there’s a lot of accompanying of powerful people together. Not just leaders, but a powerful people together, the church. That powerful people can find safety together and when you add powerful people to powerful people you get an explosion and I think that’s about to happen. So it’s a tipping point for you guys, it really is. So, next time I come here you guys are going to be telling me ‘And this happened and this happened and this happened.’ and I’ll be like ‘Oh my gosh’. do it in LA God, do it in Hollywood.

PS. This is a great building by the way. It is. This is a great campus. And I feel like some are like ‘Oh, we’ve outgrown the campus, we’re gonna go somewhere else’ and God will give you more space. He’s a good God, but this is a great building and I feel like there’s glory on this location. There’s goodness on this location. I heard some grumbling in different places and I’m telling you this is a good, good good space. This is a blessing from Heaven. And I’m just saying it because I walked through here and I’m like there’s history here and there’s happiness and families toward this building because of what God’s done.