Prophecy from Graham Cooke

Graham Cooke12/5/10

Word for Grace Center, city, region, and state

This is what I feel the Lord saying, “This is the place and this is the time of my choosing. This is the house where I choose to do as I please. This is my time,” says the Lord “and I will indulge my passion for my people even in your midst. I have measured you in times past. I’ve corrected you. And I’ve changed your face. I’ve seen you on your knees and I’ve heard your prayers. And behold I come to fulfill the dreams that I have placed in your heart. I have measured you for a blessing. And now it’s time to open the rivers from the heights of Heaven and pour out my spirit upon all peoples in this place.”

I’m not just talking about this church here, I’m talking about this whole region. When God says He’s going to pour out His spirit upon all peoples, He means the people you like, the people you don’t like. He means Christians and pre-Christians. He means everybody. He means people who don’t deserve it and people who do deserve it. He means people who need it and people who aren’t looking for it. When God says all flesh, it’s exactly what He means. No one’s safe when the river flows.

“The water level is rising in this house. The water level is rising.” And the Father is saying, “I have promised many things to myself in this region, in this city.”

I hope you’re understanding something here. This is not about you. You understand that? This is a prophetic word that is about you but it’s not about you. This is a prophetic word where the Lord is saying ‘This is about me and what I want.’ So slightly different. Here’s a promise though....

“My beloved will know my presence. My beloved will feel a weight of blessing like a wave of water being poured out on the parched earth. This is no flash flood, but it’s an ancient dry river bed being filled and flowing again.” I don’t know what all moves you’ve had in the spirit in times past. I don’t know what ancient riverbeds in the anointing have gone through this state. But what I do sense is what the Lord is saying “Those places still have breath.”

You know when God does a work, it’s an eternal work? You know what that means then? It means renewal is not over. It will never be over until Jesus comes back. Every move of God is an eternal move. He doesn’t do temporary stuff because he’s not temporal. He’s eternal. And so He doesn’t do temporary stuff. In fact, I would say, the whole thing prophetically of times and seasons is an Old Testament revelation. Jesus never talked about seasons, He only ever talked about times. Because we are in a new time. And we’re always used to seasons in the prophetic. We always talk about seasons in the prophetic. I don’t think there are any seasons in the New Testament Christology. I think in New Testament theology, it’s only times.

Jesus is saying, “A time is coming and even now is. An hour is coming and even now is.”

God is working from the present to the future all the time and there is no end to the time of the blessing and the time of the Holy Spirit. At Pentecost, it changed the rules. An outpouring of God into the earth, a wind blowing throughout the earth. It changed the rules and it changed the dynamic of how we interact with the Father. We are in a time of times right now. And so any prophetic word has a time allocated to it, not a season. And God never tells you what the time is. He just says this is a time.

So we’re in a time where God is pouring out His Spirit. It’s not a flash flood. The ancient places that have known times of blessing, that have known anointings, those places are going to rise up. Those places are going to find themselves being filled up with the spirit. There is still breath on things that we think are time’s past but in God’s heart it’s not time’s past. It’s still time because He’s doing an eternal work. Places that knew and lost the previous moves will know a new refreshing and a continuous flow of blessing. Ancient river beds are going to start to fill up again.

And with this new outpouring, the Lord says, “I require a new stewardship. I require that there be no parties in spirit but a partnership of Kingdom minded people. I require a partnership of fathers who will produce new works and develop the sons of Heaven.”

Make no mistake, this move of God is about sonship. It’s not about producing servants. It’s not about being purpose driven or task oriented. It’s about intimacy. It’s about relationship. It’s about the son’s of Heaven being revealed. It’s about fathers and sons in the body of Christ. It’s about people rising up in an area and fathering the whole pre-Christian community into the Kingdom. This city, this region, shall be a portrait of heaven. A visual aid to the lost, a house set on high where God’s glory shall be visible. You are a new poem. The craftsmanship of Heaven that will overcome the religious spirit and join together as a corporate man. Many expression of life, one body in Christ.

“Behold, the water level is rising. And the place of healing is rising with it. MIracles and signs and wonders and the raising of the dead to life. All things are possible in the river of my blessing,” says the Lord. “I’m taking the roof off this house. And I will stand in your midst and sing over you. Worship will increase as glory descends.”

We will come into times where the presence of God will come because Heaven will come to join in with our worship. (Worship examples - rain in building, Acts 13:1, worship just for Him, not about Him touching us only about us touching Him, poor people’s pockets being stuffed with cash, body parts growing only from worshipping God) I think we are in the days where we need to flip our attention away from ‘Lord do something for me’ to ‘Lord let me do something for you’.

I think we are in days and times because we are seriously behind the time of what God wants. We are in a daze right now, that’s not a criticism, that’s an observation. And it’s not a judgement. But everyone of us could put our hand on our heart and say ‘I know I’m behind the time of my development. I should be further on than I am right now.’ No blame, no shame. God doesn’t do that kind of stuff. That’s not the Gospel. No condemnation to any of us. But it means we are in a time frame where God is going to come and actually please Himself. Part of it is because maybe some of our prayers haven’t quite hit it. Some of our prayers are a little too self indulgent. That’s okay but God is going to come and do what He wants to do.

This next move of God is not about us, though it is about us, it’s actually about Him fulfilling His own passion and His own desire. You need to get that in your heart. This next move of God is about God fulfilling His own passion. It’s about God indulging himself. It’s gonna be fun.

He’s taking the roof off this house. And He’s gonna stand in our midst and sing over us. And worship will increase as glory descends. Many people will come to the waters because he is the fountain of life in our midst. Things are going to change in terms of the way in which we position ourselves when we come to a gathering. He’s taking the roof off. He will not deny nor withhold. He will fill this place with blessing.

This is a promise I believe God is making with this house. “I will soak these walls. I will no longer deny myself. I will indulge myself in this place. I will sweep you off your feet. I will romance my Beloved. Because a new intimacy is being released. The longing of my heart for you will be indulged,” says the Lord. “The water level is rising and my passion is rising with it. And I will build my house in this place. I’ll build my throne in this place. I’m going to make this my home. I will smile on you. Sing over you and say yes to all your longings that I have placed within you.”

How many of us realize just in the last few years the longings of our heart have been increasing? How many have felt that? Somethings happening to you in your prayers, it’s almost like you’re trying to convince God of something. And what He’s been doing is God....if He can’t dance up to us, He’ll sneak up on us. He’s been sneaking up on us quietly for quite a while right now. And He’s put longing in our heart that He wants to realize.

And He’s saying, “I give you permission to ask of me. ‘I am’ is with you and permission is granted. I am saying yes to your families, yes to your children, yes to your marriage, yes to your finances, yes to your anointing, yes to your prodigals. Yes to your promotion, yes to your blessing, yes to your upgrade, yes to your inheritance, yes to your dreams. I give you permission to be bold. To ask of me. To cry out for the waste places. And when I answer you it’s because I am saying yes to my own desires and passions that I have placed throughout this region.”

Heaven has come down and great joy is going to be released. You cannot have the presence of the King and not be happy. So those of you that are offended by people laughing in church, get a life. Get a life in Jesus because you’re going to be laughing forever because Heaven is a place of great joy. You can’t have great joy and not laugh. It is a sin to be miserable in church. Listen, there are no Eeyores in Heaven. They all get translated on the way up and become piglet or something. They all become Tiggers. God help us in Heaven.

This is a strength of what I feel in the Father’s heart right now. This is why I emphatically believe there is no place for judgement in this life. Because judgement interferes with mercy. Where mercy should be triumphing over judgement. And judgement interferes with joy and joy is the abiding atmosphere of Heaven. If you want Heaven on earth, you’re going to have to accept the joy that comes with it. All Heaven emptied itself at the birth of Jesus and came down to say we bring you glad tidings of great joy. What they are saying is the Savior has come, Emmanuel is here, joy has been restored to the earth as a way of life. Joy as a lifestyle has been restored to humanity.

(27:44)This is the strength of what I feel in the father’s heart. This shall be like the day of Israel’s release from captivity. This shall be like the day of deliverance from oppression. Where they came out with a high hand of God and loud praise. They came out rejoicing and singing. They came out free. They can receive the wealth of the wicked. A nation of slaves came out with enough money to kickstart their own economy. A new economy was birthed over a nation and they came out rejoicing. It shall be like that day.

It shall be like the day of the rebuilding of the temple. When the presence of God came and no one could stand because the glory was so powerful, everyone fainted under the weight of the presence of the glory of God. It shall be like that day.

It shall be like Pentecost when a mighty rushing wind filled the house and flames of fire came upon everyone. And everyone learned a language which they didn’t know. It shall be like that day. With new signs and wonders and a sense of astonishment.

Because the Lord is saying, ‘It shall be that I will return awe and wonder to my people.” That they will be awestruck by the majesty of God. And everywhere we go, everyone will feel that same sense of awe and wonder. And people will tremble in the presence of God. And we will come into a time when people will walk softly but with great delight. And our enemies will fade away from us because they will not be able to compete with the presence of the One who loves us most and knows us the best.

And the father says, “I am taking the roof off cathedrals and churches, offices and stores, and government buildings. This is an outpouring that is inescapable and changes a city and a state. It’s a day when all opposition will tumble. All walls raised against God will crumble. It shall be as Jericho. Not a judgement on people, but a dismantling of all that the enemy has raised up.”

We will see it. We will pray for it. We will go and surround places where we know the enemy is working. Where we know corruption is. We will go and we will stand and surround it and offer up prayers and the Lord says, “That which is corrupt and rotten in our society will be brought low.”

But we don’t have to be vicious about it. We can just surround those places and laugh. You really think you’re going to stand against the presence of God in this state? Have fun with that one. And the Father says “I will tour this region and pour out springs in the low and the high places. Downpours will come. Basements will flood and the enemy will be flushed out and exposed. There is no hiding place for the corrupt and the wicked because the refreshing will find them out. And the wicked will be changed. The wicked will find God. And the wicked will rejoice with the beloved. The Lord really means business.

And He says, “Even as I’ve shown my light, on a rampaging Saul of Tarsis, so do I make my enemies become my Beloved.” This shall be a city renewed, reformed, and re-splendored.” Father says, “My arms are open wide to gather all into my house. And the wisdom of Heaven will replace the intellect of man. And I will create over you all the things that I long to see as Heaven comes down.” So the father says, “My yes is coming. My yes is coming. My yes is coming. My yes is here now. My yes is here now. My yes is here now.”

Jesus said a time is coming and even now is. In prophetic words, in this next time frame, all prophetic words are going to have a presence now and also a future opening up, but a present opening up as well. Every time you hear a prophetic word, in this next time frame, you’re going to understand that because we are behind the time of our development, because we are in a season a time of divine acceleration, that any prophetic word spoken has an immediate effect now and an ongoing effect as we move into the future. Jesus said ‘A time is coming and even now is’. So we need to lose that thinking that if I get a prophetic word, it’ll be a few years when it comes to pass. It starts to open up five minutes after it was spoken. We’re in that time of prophetic development. Everything about your life therefore is going to somehow have some kind of prophetic dimension.

The Father says, “If you want Heaven on earth, you have to accept the joy and laughter that comes with it.”

It is a time for joy and laughter. Let me tell you this, it is a time for tears to stop flowing. It’s a time to stop crying. It’s a time to stop weeping. It’s a time to stop grieving. It’s a time for sadness to leave us. It’s a time for sorrow and sighing to flee before joy and laughter. Tears shall cease. The broken will be restored. Everything will live where the river flows.

“And you will hear me laughing”, says the Lord, “And the sound of joy will fill the air.” I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the Lord laugh, it is the most powerful sound I’ve ever heard. It is the most profound sound at the effect it has on you.

The Father says, “The high places will be brought low and the low places shall be raised up. Kings shall fall and new kings appear.”

When we talk about kings in a new covenant context, we aren’t talking about kings over nations, we’re talking about kings over businesses. Kings over cities. People in high places. People have high profile in things. People have lots of influence. That’s what kings mean in a new covenant context. Kings is anybody who has authority, or power, or influence in a region or a city or a state or an area of life. Kings.

“Kings shall fall and new kings will appear. My government will come and all authority to rule will be released. And there shall be no sound of mourning. There shall be no sound of grieving. There shall be no sound of crying. There shall be no sound of weeping. There shall be no sign of wailing. But I will lift up the light of my countenance upon you and you will live under my smile. And in this place of permission, ask of me. Ask me for the city. Ask me from the place of dreaming, align yourself with my passion. Resonate with my heart. To all those who long for intimacy, you shall be filled. To those who want power without presence, I will not listen to you. Bow down and make a new alignment with me. Or I shall take what you have built by your own hand and give it to another. The king has come and all rulers must bow. I’m taking the roof off and I am pouring out a blessing that will wash this city clean. The water level is rising. The water level is rising. The water level is rising.”

“And now you must learn to live and walk in abundance. You must learn to give and not waste the fulness I bestow. I have measured you for a blessing that you cannot contain. But you must let it flow out. I have promised myself many things in this state. I will indulge myself and my passion shall be unchecked. I come to fulfill the dream of my heart,” says the Lord, “as I answer the prayers of your heart. I come to fulfill my passion in this place. The water level is rising. The water level, it’s rising. The water level’s rising.” And we must rise with it.

Let’s just wait for a moment (silence)....Can you feel the weight in the room? That’s passion pressing in on us. This is a time when dreams are fulfilled. Longings are realized. Not just your longings of God, but all your longing to be someone. Your longings to break out of this place into something more fulfilling.

This is a time of those of us who are parents who have got longings for our children. This is a time when the Lord is saying, ‘Ask me for your kids’. This is a time for prodigals to be fully restored. Whether it’s prodigal children or prodigal parents, prodigal brothers or sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews, grandparents, this is a time for family lines to be restored because God absolutely adores family. And he sees the broken hearts in this place when it comes to relationships. Father is the best restorer of relationships.

He is saying “Don’t accept that broken heart as being from me. I’m the one that restores all things. I am the Redeemer. Ask me for redemption. Ask me for a spirit of restoration. Ask me for the prodigal. I’ll bring them home. Home not just to you, but home to me. Ask me. Ask me.”

(PRAYER)So, Papa, here we are, now what do we do with ourselves? I want to thank you that there is no longer any business as usual when it comes to church. You can’t hear words like this and just carry on as normal. So I thank you lord for the responses that just need to come in our own hearts in these next few days and weeks.

(Abbreviated: Get a copy of this word, transcribe it. Read through, pray through. Whatever first resonates with you, go for that first. This Word will keep on moving in your heart for a good few years. You get to change your mind about some things. You come into a new heart space with God. You get to have a new language. You get to stand before God differently. You get to lose that defeat and gain a victory. You get to be empowered where you’ve been weak)

(PRAYER CONT’D) So, Father, we say yes to you Lord. We affirm that our intentions shall be as yours. We agree with Heaven. We agree with Heaven. Sweep us off our feet. Let us taste your passion. Build your throne in our hearts. Let us see your passion. Take the roof off. Let the water level rise continuously until we’re overwhelmed by the overflow. Soak these walls in this house. Soak these walls. Father, soak these walls. Let this be a sacred space. Do all that’s on your heart to do because we resonate with you. Do all that’s on your heart to do because we resonate with you. Do all that’s on your heart to do because we resonate with you. Fill this place. Fill our hearts. Fill this place. Fill our hearts. Fill this place and fill our hearts. Let Heaven come down and worship here. Let the sound of Heaven be heard. Do unprecedented things beyond our reasoning and our imagination. Let a certain sound go out across the city and the region and the state. We ask you, indulge yourself, let the rivers flow. Release your permissions. Release your favor. Release your blessing. Release your kind intention. Thank you for this living water. Thank you there is a fountain of life flowing within each of us. A river being outpoured. The water level is rising. We say yes to all that you intend. May our purpose, our desire, and our placement be fully aligned with your indulgence. We say Amen, may it be so. Thank you for measuring us for your blessing. Raise up fathers across the state who will steward this outpouring for the sake of the kingdom and for the greater glory of the Lord Jesus Christ because we ask it in His name, Amen. Amen.