Prophecy from Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone 1/03/10 1st service

There’s greatness in the atmosphere
 Acts. 4, the story of Peter and John, they were preaching Jesus’ resurrection, they were recognized as being with Jesus but they also recognized that they would cause their city to be changed irrevocably. They were threatened and then let go “and they went to their own company”.  Must hold onto continuity of one family. With one voice they said “behold their threats, and grant us more boldness”. When you know your own company they will not be putting restrictions on you, they are ones who will loose the greater part of God on the inside of you to effect regions and territories, whatever influence God has given you. Your own company says, “we’ve got your back”. We might stand in face of adversity and ask for more boldness.

There are not 2 congregations in this house, but a family. A greater sense of mutual encouragement is coming to this house, more than has ever been known since the days of conception. The Lord wants this house to radically worship and serve Him without the fear of what someone else is going to think. The more secure people are, the more risks they take. We can be in love with Jesus and do nothing. His disciples had the internal factor of intimacy because of being around Him but also the external demonstration. Where there is the greatest security there is the greatest manifestation of the power of God. We want to change the atmosphere so that the fear that drives men, that which separate people might be dealt with so that all the people who have different ways of doing things might have the freedom to do it. You must have your own company to do this. “The place where they were gathered was shaken”.  He will shake what can be shaken so that what cannot be shaken may remain.  We don’t get the Kingdom without a company. Need to be connected to a people in order to make destiny happen. If you have your own company that can shake things up and know how to move in unity and authority, you can pull the Kingdom into the now. There is a challenge to not wait for the Kingdom, but to be the Kingdom. Don’t let selves be isolated, find your company by becoming that person for someone else. There is a wooing into relationships that shake Heaven and earth. God has put something into the DNA in this house that can have this. A few willl pull that in, will shake things and pull it in. A commissioning to advance Kingdom through relationships, through shared authority of commitment to one another, to the understanding of being an army released in the earthy, being a family and a team, through understanding covenant in a new way. There is a deliverance right now from self,  isolation, rejection, fear of betrayal, fear of leadership shutting you down, fear of others not wanting what you have.

“The Lord says, surely you have come to an hour where the veil between the realms is getting thinner and thinner, and I am causing your sight to see into places where you haven’t seen before. I don’t want it to be cerebral knowledge, but I want it to bring understanding and comprehension and practical outworking of me in the inside of you. I have not made you to operate in one realm or two realms, but to operate and function like me in different realms. Where some have only prayers for one realm, I am giving you resurrection for your ability to pray into things that you don’t pray into anymore, things you don’t have hope for anymore. I’m giving you the privilege of praying back into your family, not just so that they would survive and live, but I’m giving you a supernatural impartation of fatih so you will believe your families will stand tall and cry out my name in the earth and be a sign post for me in the earth. I am giving you resurrection power so you can be the answer to Kingdom projects and the solutions to injustice within the earth. I want to resurrect you ability to even pray into these things. I’m resurrecting your ability to pray for your spouses not just for ease and good relationship, but that your husbands and wives would rise up to be a great testimony to cause others to see Me and My church. I want to resurrect greatness inside of you. I will challenge that which has sabotaged and comprised. I will challenge that which has undermined the fullness of who I am. There was a day when I had mercy, if you only wanted to see my hand, I let you just see my hand, if you only wanted to see my eyes, I let you see revelation, if you only wanted to feel my heart, I let you feel my compassion. But this day says the Lord I will be seen. I will be seen and it will be an invading force on the inside of you. I will be seen and it will be a terrorizing violence and you will be equipped with the violence that takes the Kingdom with great force. And I will cause you to will be a people who will forever be changed because of your encounters with me. For I am not a God who says, ‘you want a little love, that’s what I’ll give you, want a little forgiveness, I’ll give you that’, I’m going to overtake you with my blessing and goodness at who I am.” I can hear children singing, almost taunting, “here I come, here I come, ready or not, here I come!”.  It’s the voice of God to us.

Sharon Stone 1/03/10 2nd service

God is giving us sight, we have a responsibility to care for others. God will watch over us, and we will watch over one another.  It is time for this house to move in covenant relationships. We must have the ability to encompass the many. Where some have felt isolated, like stragglers, they have felt alone…a fresh season is over this house “I’ve got your back and I’m watching over you.”

Jeff and Becky –  The Lord says, “I know what I am doing with you, you have had advice even from your board and elders that you need to downsize in some financial things and that you need to pull back in areas of outflow. God says ‘no, this is a time of right sizing’. If you operate in the right size there will be provision. Do not look to take steps back but look to progress, for I am bringing forth those who are lean, mean fighting machines who have ability to put their shoulders against limitation, against the gates the hell and push and see things broken open and a way made. I am challenging even what would seem right or what ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be right. The measure mark of what I am doing will never be by the number of people in this house. The Spirit of God says there are a few old roots of that in this house, just grab them and uproot them. It’s not based upon membership. Apostolic kingdom, revival center in the area, I will give you the areas youth and you will not keep them, but you will bless them and minister into their lives, encourage them and use your finances to inspire them and they will go back to their churches and families and the spirit of God says there will be many who are highly effected, but your effectiveness is not measured by the way people think it would be measured. A few years ago, there was an area where a political stance was made from this house and something negative is attached to that. Since then it has been a no go area. I am releasing a spiritual lobbiest voice afresh from this house.” We say “yes” we are political because God is a governor and a law maker and has a standard, yes we are political because we want to live well on the earth and we want to speak for the many. We break that limitation that has been over this house, we lift it off.”