Prophecy from Heidi Baker

Heidi Baker 8/15/08

(Singing) “You are the temple, I’m just hearing the Lord say, ‘Your house is too small, your house is too small, your house is too small.’ He wants to enlarge your house, your hearts too small, your hearts too small, your hearts too small. He wants to enlarge your hearts. You are the house, you are the house, you are the house. What would it be like for the fulness of Christ to dwell in your house? What would it be like for the fulness of Christ to dwell in your house? What would it be like for the fulness of Christ to dwell in your house? Because, because, big hearts, big house, big house...enough for all the children. Enough room for the children to dance. Enough room for the children to play. Enough room for the children to lay down and rest well in the Father’s arms, enough room in the house. God truly is into building. You don’t know that sometimes. You think maybe it’s spiritual, God’s into building. Because He wants a place for His children to come home and play. To come home and be safe. To become safe. I see God just, He really, really wants a bigger house. Here, right here in Tennessee. And He wants His church to have a bigger house. Bigger hearts. Bigger hearts. And this might freak you out, but I hear Him say ‘Bigger minds. Um, Bigger hearts. Bigger house. Bigger minds.’ Uh, I feel like God wants to release, I’m really really praying for the bigger heart of God to be released today for the compassion of God. And I feel like if you would just open your hearts in this yielded state, that you would just yield more today.

There is something that God is going to allow you to see, to fellowship in His suffering, and to fellowship in His joy. And it’s some people would say we are schizophrenic, um or God is schizophrenic, how is it that people can sob their guts out one moment during the soaking time I was just weeping and weeping and weeping and God was just doing all these things in my heart. He was showing me um, He was just showing me more. I was seeing during soaking time as I was just pressing in for the presence I was seeing children under bridges, curled up in balls. I was seeing hunger and starvation and I was hearing the cry of the Father that His children would be safe. And some people might see me there crying and think , you know she is just mentally imbalanced, she’s just, you know she’s just gone through too much or something, you know, God bless her. Um, the fact is that I was weeping for the poor and the broken and the sick. And I was seeing the heart of God just this huge heart of God. And I was seeing the Church in the west. The church in the west and um, I was telling the Dollars in the car last night that there’s some, I wept over the Western Church when I saw her eating blue crumbs. And they were blue crumbs because they were moldy crumbs that I saw the church eating these blue crumbs in the West and I saw that they were hungry and needy. And then I saw the Lord saying “Here too, won’t you love them too.” And I’m seeing today just this heart of God that your house would be bigger, that the children of your nation and your state could come and play and worship and know the love of the Father. Because I’m seeing that there is great isolation in your land. There’s great suffering in your land. There’s great suffering and isolation in your land. And I’m seeing that the, that the solution is literally the presence of God in the house of God. It’s where the people will come and be safe and be healed in the Father’s arms. But it’s true that your house is too small. And it’s true that God is enlarging your hearts today that you would have a heart, not so that you would have a name or fame, but so that the children would have a place to come  and eat and drink because there are many, many, many, many thousands that are living on stale bread, little crumbs and they are living on dirty water and it’s this, the water has been polluted. In my nation it’s in the natural realm, in your nation I’m seeing it in the spiritual realm. I’m seeing, um, children drinking polluted water. And dying of dysentery. I’m seeing children, what I mean by children, are anyone from in the womb to 110. I’m talking about Father’s children and I’m seeing God’s heart for the children. And I believe that God wants you to see His heart for His Children and make room in your house. Make room in your house for the hungry. Make room in your house for the hungry. Make room in you house for the hungry because God wants to multiply fresh bread in this house. God wants to make this house a house of bread. And God wants to call this house the well. Because the well of grace will rise up in this house. The well of grace will rise up in this house and this will come a spring of living water where people from many states around will come to drink. But your house is too small and your hearts are still being enlarged. They will break and be enlarged again. And break and be enlarged again. And even as the the drill goes in to drill the deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper, I see a deeper well being drilled. And in our nation when we drill a deep well, we have to bring in the dynamite. We have to explode through the rock. And it’s a whole ‘nother machine that we need to drill through the rock and when it’s a soft sand, and i feel like there is rocky soil in the state because of religion. And so I believe there’s going to have to be dynamite. And I believe that it’s the dynamite of the spirit that’s going to break through the hard stone because there are many people afraid to drink because they have had experiences of drinking polluted water and they have been sick. And so, you have to enlarge your house beloved of God because there’s going to be a well in this place that is going to bring up wells of living water and it’s going to come from the depths of God’s heart from the very springs that flow. From Revelation 22, from the very heart of God. And the heart of God is going to be broken forth in this place. And I see the blood and the water flowing from His heart like a crystal. I see it’s red and clear and I see it just flowing from the very heart of God, from the throne of God.

Um, I haven’t started, this isn’t my message, this is just, uh, but because my eyes are closed I don’t know what you’re doing. It would really really help me if you would just close your eyes and just pray. Just pray. Just pray. Just pray. I will get into the message but I’m just getting this prophetic word for your house and it’s really strong and it’s really strong, it’s really strong and so I’m going to give it to you because I believe that this place has to be a place of fresh water and fresh bread. And I’m saying it again because I’m hearing it again, ‘Your house is too small and your heart’s too small.’ And I’m not saying that in any way to be difficult, I’m just saying that God wants to give you bigger hearts and a bigger house. And He wants to drill deeper and He wants to break through the rock of religion. He wants to break through not the rock Christ Jesus, but the rock of religion. He wants to break through with the dynamite of His Presence. So break in God. Break in God. Then the angel showed me the river. Holy Spirit would you please start wrecking people so I don’t feel so alone in this word. Just wreck them God so that they start getting it in the spirit realm. Go ahead God, wreck the house. Please God, please God, please God. Wreck them Lord, show them God, show them, show them what I’m seeing Lord. Start showing them what I’m seeing God. Please Lord, don’t let it be me. Let them go up and in, up and in, up and in, up and in. Oh come on guys I know it’s Sunday morning, who cares it’s Sunday morning. It’s Sunday morning. It’s Sunday morning. We need to get blasted on Sunday morning. Undone Sunday morning. We need the glory of His love to break through the stone and the river of living water to flow up inside of us.

I’m seeing the water of life as clear as crystal flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city on each side, on each side of the river stood the tree of life bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. So God you showed me a well in this house. Lord you showed me a well. A well of your presence. ‘Deeper, deeper still ‘He says. ‘Go deeper still.’ Some people are saying you’ve gone too deep. You’ve gone too deep. You’ve gone too deep. I hear the murmurs you’ve gone too deep, you’ve gone too far. And the Lord said “Deeper still, deeper still, deeper still, deeper still, deeper still, you’re almost there. Deeper still, you’re almost there. Deeper still, you’re almost there.’ And I see the big dynamite blower machine we have that just blows through the rock that gets into the crustiest places, the deepest places, places of darkness until the river of life flows out into the darkness and explodes with the light of His glory love. The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations. So Lord, as this house becomes a well Lord, as these people become the well, the presence of God flowing in and up through them God, as your presence flows through this house, through these people God, may there be a word go forth, a word go forth that there is water in this house so you can drink of it and be healed. I see people coming from all over to drink in this house and there’s this healing, healing, healing that comes as they drink the water. They drink the water, it’s going to be clear, crystal clear water, of His presence. And it will be without pollution, it will be without pollution. There’s a pollution, I see pollution, pollution, pollution there’s polluted streams around. Polluted, polluted from the thoughts of man and the plan of man and the strategy of man and the systems of man and the Lord wants to bring a clear stream, crystal clear water in this place that would be so pure and so pure, pure, pure, pure. How does the water become pure? Grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, grace upon grace upon grace upon grace upon grace. And His healing. So even now Lord pour out your healing on your people. Arthritis being healed. Bipolar being healed. Blurry vision being healed. Trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma, trauma. Trauma in the church, trauma in the church, trauma in the church. Some of you can’t believe you made it to church again. You’re shocked you walked into the building. You’re shocked. I see there’s like five of you that came to church and you can’t even believe. You barely drug yourself in here because you’re like ‘If there’s any gimmicks or any, any crud, I’m going to leave and this is it. I’ll never be back.’ And um, you’ve just come in. You’ve come in as this last stitch effort because you’ve been traumatized in the church and the Lord is healing your heart. Healing your heart. I mean the church at large, I’m not saying this church necessarily, I’m saying the church at large. There’s been trauma. Like the trauma of religion and the trauma of lack of grace. And the trauma of things that have just messed on your mind. And God has just coming with healing strength from you. I’m seeing Him healing on knees, knees, knees, knees, knees. I’m seeing people bending their knees before the Lord. Um, um, people that had trouble praying and getting into the presence just starting to move in the presence and just bending their knees in the physical and the spiritual realm.

I keep hearing the word red, red, red red. Red red red robin. Red robin. So come Lord come Lord come Lord. Is there a place Red Robin or something. Is there a red river? Ah, red river and red robin. Well, let the river of life flow in those places. I feel like there’s going to be a healing breaking out there. Red river, red robin. There’s going to be like supernatural healing. Um, and the revelation rivers, red and clear at the same time is hard to understand but when you see in the spirit you can see it.
And then says, “The throne of God in the land will be in the city and the servants will serve Him. The servants will serve Him. The servants will serve Him. And they will see His face. And His name will be on their foreheads. His name, His name, His name.” So Lord, put your name on their foreheads. Lord, put your name. The name you have for each one on their foreheads today God.

“Red River and Red Robin….
I believe there’s going to be young people coming out of this house going into restaurants and carrying random acts of lovingkindness.
Restaurants, God is going to be rocking people in restaurants.
Young people, especially young people…what happened at Bethel, there is a connection where you will be moving in random acts of lovingkindess, prophesying over waitresses with non-judgment and boldness.
There is a culture coming out of this house, you are going to be known all over as those who love random acts of lovingkindess. It will be the culture of this house.
There is a sea of radical lovers going out to the streets, going out to the streets and malls, buying clothes and you start prophesying to the people.
A culture is rising up out of this house that will rock this city. You will not just be a house or a sweet little church, but a culture shift, a rock shift, a shift in the rock, that’s why there needs to be dynamite, because there’s a shift in the rock that’s going to take place. This house is not meant just to be a house, but it will be a home where people come. You will go out and get them and bring them to the house of the Father.
Creativity, creativity, creativity, creativity, creativity, there will be radical creativity flowing through this house and people will say, ‘I can be who I am’. You will think of new ideas, ways of communicating that people have never seen before. It’s like music and sound that has and is creative sound, radical creativity, creativity flowing through clothing lines, jewelry lines, fashion, advertising and medicine. All over, God is releasing creativity in this house. There’s stuff happening in this house that will blow your mind. The city will hear about this house. The city will hear about the people of love, and people will talk about the people who love, the people who care, the people who give and who walk the walk of Christ, fullness of Christ in the malls, the streets, the universities, hospitals, in the K-Mart, the WalMart, God’s doing it, I’m seeing it and it’s happening”