Prophecies from 2003

Because there’s something here that are open heavens over this place. God is about to do something, something extraordinary.

There’s an angel called Presence. There’s an angelic presence. Actually the angel of the Lord and you know the angel of His presence. And when I see this angel, I know that it is a visitation in the spirit. The Lord said I’m going to release that. There’s an invitation into a season of extended visitation where even the Lord Himself is going to begin to come and some of you are going to come under this blanket of the the intense presence, weeks, months, days and it’s really going to be like Joshua remain in thetent. The Lord said just prophesy on that to the people and invite them into a season of visitation. And so I just wanted to declare to you prophetically that there is something of the angel of His presence.

There is a real anointing of like quality in the area of maturity for those that are here already. And a great company of prophetic gifting and business and established families. There’s a spirit of family and the Lord’s going to begin to bring you’re welcome to those that are broken and in solitary, He’s going to set them into families. And He’s really placed a call for you on that. There’s going to be ones that come and not only are they going to be raised up in the things of ministry and restored. I’m talking bums, drug addicts, alcoholics, people broken, pastors that have fallen into sin, they’ve been out of the ministry for years and different ministries that just need some time for refreshing, soaking, a real pull, a real center for that but there’s also going to come ones an anointing for business and an anointing for wealth and an anointing for prosperity. He’s going to come on them. And there’s ones that are going to be trained in release, in what the Holy Spirit is releasing today and in business and in wealth because of their association, environment influence and association and as they rub up against the glory and gold call that God has placed upon you and your church,

One thing that I saw for you pastor again, your wife, your ministry, the anointing, the church that Galatians 6:1, the Lord just spoke that to me about the ministry here.  Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in that spirit of gentleness;” and I feel like there is going to be an anointing of restoration and for those who are broken. And they are going to come even pastors and leaders, people burned out in ministry, they are going to come for restoration. There’s going to be a ministry, an anointing here on the team to restore one, to restore ones. And you’re going to be a bridge of hope, a bridge of peace for leadership. And there’s going to be leaders that trust that come. Elders and leaders in this city and pastors that trust, that come for counsel. There’s going to be a mighty spirit of anointing of counsel not aon you but on the house. And there’s going to be a team of prophetic counsel. And eldership, a team, of leadership restoration and restore. And there’s going to be ones that are tired and burnt out that are going to rest a while. But you’re going to be a bridge of hope and a bridge of peace. The Lord is going to give you that bridge right into the relationships of those like leaders and pastors. Even in the city, there is coming an increase of favor and what you model tonight is really a prophetic picture of who you are and what you’re coming into in a whole new way, in Jesus name. So I wanted to release that to you....

The King is in the house. And from the moment that I first walked into this church, and this is actually not my first time here, I had the honor of being invited to minister to a group of the ladies ministry a few months ago and I walked into the hallways and there was a sense, number one of liberty. And where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. There is liberty. And there was an educational anointing. And I asked the Lord, “what is the education of this church?” And He said, “To equip the saints for works of service”

But you guys, you guys have a new name. Your name is catalyst. You’re going to help bring breakthrough by unifying with some unlikely people. Not of your own background, not of your own move of the spirit. As you’ve experienced breakout in recent years, there are many others who are still in that caterpillar stage and they are not aware of what their destiny is. Of what their life is to become. It’s going to require you to have enormous compassion for their potential. They may be slow, they may not have sight, they may be jealous of you or see you strange, because you’ve changed into something else. But I believe it’s God’s heart that the church of Christ, the Baptist churches become what God wants them to become. There are more disenfranchised Christians in Williamson County in church than there are out of church. That’s why I wanted to talk about rejection this morning because you also are going to be reconcilers.

I pray for full display of power in this house. That you’d raise of a people that are unashamed of the raw power of God. Unashamed, unashamed for the power that sets free. Unashamed of the name above every other name. Unashamed. God our cry is that we would get out of the way and that you would do things that are beyond things we could pray for or ever imagine. I pray that that would happen in this house. Cause this house to explode with demonstrations of purity and power. I pray in Jesus name that there would be a birthing of something new. Lord I pray that the Habakkuk pastors of the lighting of heaven would come out of these hands. LIghtnings of heaven from these hands I pray in Jesus name. The lightnings of heaven from these hands.....Lord I pray that that lightning would go forth, that a heavenly invasion would go forth from this house and shake a region under the nations in Jesus name. We commission them to this task. To this privilege, in the name of the Lord. Now Father I pray for a release of an angelic hosting for it went to the assignment and I ask now for the revelation for what travels with them.