While we love to gather as a large group on Sundays, throughout the week our members meet in smaller groups called "Life Groups" all over the city. There are groups for married couples, families, singles, men's groups, women's groups - just about every need can be met through our Life Groups. Learn details about our current Life Groups such as what their focus is and where and when they meet by clicking on the groups below, or search for Life Groups that fit your needs. (Hint: search for words like "Tuesday ", "Women", "Marriage", "Emanate", "Children" to find what you are looking for.) When you find a group that fits, click "Connect" to email the leader.*

*Certain browsers appear to be incompatible with our internal messaging system. If you want to contact a Life Group leader and you are having technical difficulties, contact Michelle at mrose@gracecenter.us. We apologize for any inconvenience!